Player Name: Karma
Real Name: Ben Jackson
Birth Date: 3/25/1988
Hometown: Camp Pendleton, California
Current Team: Triggers Down
First Event Attended: San Francisco 2005
Number of Events Attended: 27
Best Placing:1st (2006 Orlando, 2006 New York, 2006 Las Vegas Championships, 2007 Dallas, 1v1 National Champion 2006)
Favorite Gametype: Pit King of the Hill
Controller Settings:Bumper Jumper, 4 Sensitivity, Vibration
Other Favorite Games: Spore
Hobbies: Working Out and Reading

MLG: What was the mood on Carbon going into the 2008 Season, and how did it change as the season progressed?

Karma: Well, I’d say the mood coming out of the 2007 Season getting second to FB, and not only getting second but getting 6-0′ed, was definitely determination. We practiced really, really, hard going into the 2008 Season. After we got fifth place at our first event, we not only practiced harder, but we also got more and more intense as the season went on.

MLG: Why did Carbon decide to release Gandhi?

Karma: The main reason why we decided to release Gandhi was because we as a team did not feel he was practicing as much as he needed to be. We felt that he didn’t feel as passionate about the game as he used to, and as much as we did, and that lack of dedication really showed when he played. On top of that, there was a little bit of tension on the team between him and one of the other team mates. It was just looking like the team was going downhill.

MLG: Why did Carbon pick up Cpt Anarchy, and how did the team change once you picked him up?

Karma: We picked up Cpt Anarchy because he would be online every day practicing. On top of that, he was coming to the East Coast and he was living with Eric (Ghostayame), so it would be really easy to team with him. Even if he wasn’t ready at the moment, we could practice with him enough and get him ready to play on a high caliber team. So we picked him up and got 7th place. Getting 7th place wasn’t because of Cpt Anarchy, I’m not blaming him, he played really well and I’m actually really proud of him. Once Cpt. Anarchy joined, there were a lot of changes on the team. When Scott was on the team he was doing his own thing, and it was really beneficial that Scott was off doing his own thing, but when Anarchy joined the team was more together it was for the good but it was also for the bad. Sometimes I wouldn’t charge enough when I probably should have, I would just wait for my team mates and play more passive. Me and Eric (Ghostayame) became stronger. We did feel we had more trust in our team mates who let us do our own thing.

MLG: What were some of the biggest problems on Carbon?

Karma: I don’t know. I guess it would be everyone’s personalities. Like everyone getting older and everyone thinking differently. Me especially, I’ve changed a lot where it’s hard for me to team with them, I think it’s also hard for them to team with me. My thought process had changed where it was going a different route than them.

MLG: How do you think Carbon will change with Naded?

Karma: I’m actually really happy that they got Naded. Naded is an extremely good player, extremely smart, he does what needs to be done in a game a lot. He can play passive when he needs to be, it seems like the team will be a lot faster paced with him. If they’re all extremely dedicated and they really put the effort into having Naded fit in with the team, we might see them breaking into the Top 4 or even the Top 3. I have a lot of faith in them, and I know they’re good players, they just need to show it.

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MLG: Why did you join Triggers Down?

Karma: Well, it was like five in the morning and Killen calls me telling me SK was trying to get a hold of me. Of course upon hearing that I know they’re trying to pick me up. At the time I was kind of on the fence about whether I wanted to change teams or stay on Carbon. So I went into the room thinking I was just going to talk to them and not make my decision but get to know them to see if I could really mesh with them. After I got into the room they seemed like really cool people. I had never really sat down and talked to anyone on the team besides SK. I saw that I could have a really good team with them, a fresh start, a different play style, a different anything, and I felt like I needed a change. So I guess I decided that I wanted to be on Triggers Down at five or six in the morning.

MLG: How is Triggers Down different from Carbon?

Karma: In every aspect. It seems that I don’t have as much pressure on my shoulders when I play. Like I have to do good and I drag other people down if I don’t do good. I have so much faith in all of my team’s skill right now, FeatItSelf, Hysteria, SK. I’ll go and play with them online and see all of them no scoping, destroying people, and it just built up my confidence towards them. I feel free, I can do what I want, that I can charge and most of the time someone will have my back. It’s just a completely different feeling than being on Carbon.

MLG: Who on Triggers Down has impressed you the most thus far?

Karma: I’m going to say SK because he’s an extremely smart player. He has a really deep thought process. He really thinks into things when he does them. I respect that Hysteria is an extremely well rounded, skilled player who just shoots and kills everything. FearItSelf can do anything in the game but I just respect SK the most because he can look into a situation and be a quarterback. He won’t tell anyone what to do but he’ll run the situation according to how he wants it to run .I can see it and I kind of look up to how he’s doing it and it’s kinda cool.

MLG: How is Triggers Down preparing for Dallas?

Karma: Well, I just got a text before I started talking to you that we were supposed to LAN against Team Classic the weekend before Dallas but Classic is now LAN’ing against Final Boss, which kind of sucks. I really would like to LAN with them before we play in the tournament, and I’m really going to try and make that happen, but if we can’t get a LAN we’re just going to play online as much as possible. At first I was playing with them on a horrible connection, but I just moved. I’m in a new house and I’m getting my internet connection tomorrow so we’re going to be practicing starting tomorrow all day every day up to Dallas.

MLG: Having played with the same roster for over 2 years, what are some things you’re enjoying playing with a new team?

Karma: The feeling. The feeling of just new. The feeling that I’m getting to know everything again. Like I get to kind of go back to basics and learn everything with a new team. It feels good, because on Carbon I did feel I was looking too deep into things too much. When back in the day I’d think of what someone would do and I’d react and be confident in what I was thinking. On Carbon I’d be “he might be thinking this, or he might be thinking this, or he might be thinking this,” and by that time I’m second and triple guessing myself and I’m not doing that anymore. I feel like I can relax and play to have fun again and not put too much thought into it. Me and SK went on Guardian and did some pretty cool stuff with the ball that we may show at the tournament. They did teach me more about charging. They know as a team without verbal communication when to do things. It feels good to be able to do things without having to call it out, without having to say “you’re here, I’m here, let’s do this, ready, go.” It feels good to be doing things again.

MLG: Which possible match up are you most looking forward to at Dallas?

Karma: Normally I would say all of them, because I don’t want to overlook anyone. But I’m really really looking forward to playing FB. I have not played Strongside once this season and from the 2006 1v1′s I still believe Strongside is my rival, so I really want to play them.

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