Name: Ben Jackson
Age: 19
Hometown: California
Favorite Games: Battle Toads vs. Double Dragon, GoldenEye, Final Fantasy series, Zelda series, Animal Crossing and more!
Gamertag: Karma

Karma took a timeout to chat with MLG

Halo and Pro Gaming

How did you pick Karma as your gamertag?

It is basically the way I live my life. What goes around comes around. I’ve always been a nice person and even though I didn’t get nice ]people in return] at first, they started coming later. It happened mostly when Sundance and MLG came into my life. That was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me. During Halo 1, I wanted the game to say “You were killed by Bad Karma.” It was awesome. Later I joined a clan and Bad Karma wouldn’t fit so I just shortened it to Karma.

Rumor has it that you are actually decent at Halo: CE, did you ever play in an MLG?

Yup. I went to MLG LA right at the end of MLG’s Halo 1 tournaments. I got destroyed by Clockwork, but not because I was bad. I just lacked tournament experience. Later, during Halo 2, people taught me more about Halo 1 and since then I love it so much. I play it every once in a while and me and Vash, haha, we beat T2 and Toxin 3-0!

So what was your first Halo 2 MLG event and how did you do?

MLG San Fran back in 2005. I got hooked up with Fonzi, Foulacy and Walka and we placed third. I got on that team basically because of my stature in the matchmaking ranks. I was on top of two out of the five leader boards, so that got me noticed.

You were on Str8 Rippin in the early days with Fonzi, Foulacy and a bunch of the top players at the time. What did you learn from playing with those guys?

Just more about general team play. It was not as much as I learned from playing with Carbon, but Str8 was like my baby steps into becoming a good 4v4 player.

How did you end up teaming with the guys from Carbon? Were you friends with Shockwave and Gandhi before you joined their team?

We were more like acquaintances. I couldn’t play with Str8 anymore because I didn’t have the money to attend events but another tournament was happening near my house and me, Shockwave, Fonzi and Foulacy teamed up for it. Afterwards me and Shock were destroying Fonzi and Foulacy at my house in Halo 1 and Shockwave asked me why I quit. I explained that I didn’t quit, but that I couldn’t afford to travel at the time. So then Shockwave told me McGavin was going into the Air Force and there was going to be a spot open on their sponsored team and the very next day Gandhi sent me a message saying “IGS Karmmmmm!!!!” I’ll never forget it!

Obviously you are very determined and competitive as a person in general. What other personality traits do you think a pro gamer needs to succeed?

It’s all about confidence. You have to go into the tournament confident that you are going to play your hardest no matter what happens!

What is your favorite map from the Halo series and why?

For Halo 1 I would say Hang em High, mostly because I love going nuts and it’s so fun to dominate on that map. In Halo 2 it would be Midship. Since I have host now I feel like the biggest jerk when it comes to helping my teammates. I can put shots on everyone so it’s really fun.

Just for Fun

Seriously? Animal Crossing?

I’m not going to lie. I’m playing it right now and it’s just too fun!

You are pretty good at Smash too. What do you like about it?

I love the competitive nature of it. Not only do you have to be good at the technical skills, but another huge part of the game is outsmarting your opponents. It’s like Halo 1v1, which I also love to play.

I hear you are a fan of anime, manga and all things Japanese. How did you end up such a fan of Japanese culture?

I grew up with Japanese culture in my house. My step dad has boxes and boxes of anime and manga so I just grew up with them.

What are your favorite TV shows from Japan?

Don’t let anyone tell you that Neon Genesis Evangelion isn’t the best anime ever. Death Note is pretty sick and so is Seven Samurai. Bleach is good and so are Trigun, Naruto, First of the North Star…the list is endless.

Do you speak Japanese?

Not yet, but I want to learn it in college.

You lost a lot of weight and you did it with the entire MLG community watching. Do you have any advice for all those gamers out there that want to transform their bodies too?

You have to want it! You can’t say “I should lose weight.” You have to be like “I AM GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT!” and really stick to your plan. There are plenty of different ways to do it but I did it by running. It was hard at first but I got better and better and it became an addiction for me. Good luck!

Fill in the Blank

______ is the best show on TV.


Gandhi is ________.

Freaking Amazing

______ was the best MLG event ever!

Dallas ’07!

The one thing that I can’t do is _______.

Splits, haha!

If I could pick just one super power I would choose _______.


_____ is the best sniper on the tour.


My favorite Christmas present ever was _______.


______ is my favorite candy-bar.

Milky Way

You will never catch me _________.


I like to _____ whenever I get the chance.

Play Animal Crossing


Hot Dogs or Hamburgers?


Elephants or Giraffes?


Music or Movies?


Support or Main-Slay?


Sanctuary or Beaver Creek?


Fox or Falco?


Family Guy or The Simpsons?

Family Guy

Fonzi or Foulacy?


Nintendo or Sony?


Scarier: Zombies or Ghosts?


Mr. Potato Head or Stretch Armstrong?

Stretch Armstrong

GI Joe or He-Man?


Anime or Manga?


Picnic Football: Two-hand touch or flag?


Smash Melee or Smash 64?


MLG or Everyone Else?

MLG Baby!

Any advice for pro-gaming hopefuls out there?