Player Name: Hysteria
Real Name:Jacob Reiser
Birth Date: February 24th, 1992
Hometown: Lynwood, Washington
Current Team:Triggers Down
First Event Attended: Charlotte 2007 (4v4 – Top 32 – Rainbow Riders – Hysteria, Perplexity, CallMeGod, Rudy) (FFA – 9th)
Number of Events Attended: 9
Best Placing:4v4 – 1st (Orlando 2008) FFA – 2nd (Orlando 2007)
Favorite Gametype: Narrows Team Slayer
Controller Settings: Bumper Jumper, 4 Sensitivity, No Vibration
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Guitar Hero & Rockband

MLG: How did you and Triggers Down come together for the 2008 Season?

Hysteria: Me and SK always used to team for locals during Halo 2, and when Halo 3 came around, he thought I had what it takes to be on a top team. We decided to team and we always knew FearItSelf was a good player. We had also been to local tournaments with Lowkin, so we decided to make Triggers Down with him and bring back the old team name.

MLG: What are you doing differently at tournaments now than when you first started attending?

Hysteria: Back when I first started to play I didn’t think you needed a lot of smarts or anything special; but you have to go more in depth with your team work and practice a lot harder and take practice seriously, otherwise you’re not going to get any better. I used to mess around a lot when we practiced and we never improved.

MLG: How does it feel to win a tournament?

Hysteria: It’s so much different than any other placing. You think about winning a tournament and you know that you can but when you actually do, you don’t even know what to think at that point. It’s so much different.

MLG: What’s the difference between playing on main-stage and at a normal station?

Hysteria: When you play on main stage with everyone watching, whenever you do anything you get a big reaction out of the crowd. With a normal station, there is a small crowd, but it doesn’t come in as big as it does on main stage.

MLG: What prompted the departure of Snipedown from your team after winning an event?

Hysteria: Well, when Str8 had offered him a spot, this was the first time Neighbor left Str8, he acted like he wasn’t going to go. After Neighbor went back, SK actually asked him if he was going to join Str8 [if the opportunity arose again], and he told SK yes. So when Neighbor left Str8 again, we asked someone else to join the team, because we thought Snipedown was going to leave. Right after that happened he left our team. We kind of expected that to happen at that point.

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MLG: Why did you guys decide to go after Mackeo, a player who seemed to be at the center of your rivalry with Instinct, rather than someone else?

Hysteria:Well, even though it seemed like we all hated him and he hated us even at Orlando we had been cool with him and we knew he was one of the best players on Instinct; probably the best player that we could pick up. We knew that with all the team changes he would be ready to play and would have more motivation that anyone else. SK had teamed with him in 2007 so they were good friends at that point and we decided to pick him up.

MLG: How is the team different with Mackeo than with Snipedown?

Hysteria: I think we’ll play a little different play-style but I think we’ll be better. With Snipedown you never knew what he was going to do and you couldn’t have strats. Now with Mackeo, we go over everything. When we practiced with Snipedown we’d just go onto the next game, now we talk about what stuff we should do.

Triggers Down took first at MLG Orlando

MLG: How are you guys preparing for Toronto?

Hysteria: We’re having a four or five day LAN with Team Classic up until the Thursday before the event at Mackeo’s house.

MLG: Do you want another shot at Str8 Rippin with their new addition of your old teammate Snipedown, or does your rivalry with Instinct outweigh that?

Hysteria: I think with all the new team changes we’re definitely going for Str8 more than anyone else because of Snipedown. The way he was acting towards us and how he left our team after we won an event. We don’t really talk to Instinct anymore and we’re not feeling the rivalry between us.

MLG: Out of the other top 8 teams, who do you think got better after the recent round of team changes?

Hysteria: I probably still think that Str8 is the team to beat. Even with FB acquiring Neighbor, I don’t think he’ll be enough to take them to the top. I think a few more things need to happen before they win again.