Player Name: Hokum
Real Name: Lester Chen
Birth Date: May 31, 1988
Hometown: Appleton, Wisconsin
Current Team: Heaven and Earth (KillerDrew, HoKuM, Perplexity, Poweezy)
First Event Attended:Dallas 2006
Number of Events Attended: 11
Best Placing: 4th (Charlotte 2007)
Favorite Gametype: Narrows CTF
Controller Settings: 3 Sensitivity, No Vibration, Bumper Jumper
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Street Fighter IV
Hobbies:Full time student and working for the University Paper

MLG: When did you first get started with the league?

Hokum: Probably in 2006 when FearItSelf told me what the gametypes were about. This was a long time ago, back when clans actually meant something. We were in the same clan and he mentioned that he’s been to a few MLG’s before and we put a shoddy team together and placed considerably well, like 16th place or something. From there, it’s just been something that’s fun and competitive for me.

MLG: Who were your other two teammates for that event?

Hokum: Actually, it was Rudy and CallMeGod.

MLG: You and FearItSelf teamed for a pretty long stretch of time. What were some of the high lights from your tournaments together?

Hokum: I would say our debut at Dallas. That was big for us, just because we got our foot in the door. Even though it was sixteenth place, we showed that we could compete above the amateurs. Charlotte 2007 was big too because we placed Top 4.

MLG: How did you guys find Lunchbox and Roy? Nobody knew who they were at that first event of 2007.

Hokum: Fear went to a local and he heard they were good. At the time, we didn’t have many options. They used to play some really bad people and maybe that’s what made them stand out. In the off-season between ’06 and ’07, he mentioned them to me and at first I thought “Wow, these guys probably suck,” and they turned out to be pretty good. It was kind of just out of the blue.

MLG: Why did you guys decide to part ways at the beginning of 2008?

Hokum: That’s a tough one. Everyone had their own idea of what Halo 3 was going to be like. Lunch and Roy being brothers went off by themselves and found Mackeo and Victory and formed that team. Mackeo and Victory were on the Agency at that time and were kind of like Lunch and Roy. Since they were going, Fear went to see what options he would have and found SK and Hysteria. SK was also on the Agency and Hysteria was floating around. So Fear was on that team and that left me on in the Free Agency pool. I ended up with Anarchy, Soviet and BFox for Meadowlands.

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MLG: You attended the first event with Soviet, Cpt. Anarchy and BFox and placed 17th. Two of those players ended up tremendously improving their placings by the end of the season. Why do you think you struggled at the first event?

Hokum: I guess we had a hard time making that jump from Live to LAN. We could compete with the top teams on Live, but once we made it to the event there were some communication barriers. We weren’t playing like a team or doing anything that we did on Live. It was also an experience thing; we were all experienced players and everyone just found a different playstyle when we actually got to the tournament. That was one of my worst placings ever. It was a big disappointment. It was strange; nothing was clicking.

MLG: Why did you step away from Pro Gaming after the second event?

Hokum: I figured that after placing top 24 twice, it was going to be hard to climb my way to the top. I had school too, and if you expect to do well and do badly twice you kind of lose your drive, which I have found now. In a practical sense I didn’t see the points adding up and it’s hard to sell yourself as a Free Agent without a lot of those.

MLG: What did you do during your time off?

Hokum: Yeah, I got my first 4.0 in College. Gaming was still a part of my life but I found a lot more hobbies.

MLG: Why did you come back?

Hokum: Serendipity. During winter break, FearItSelf called me and told me that there was a LAN going on at Joe Fries’ house. Walsh was there, the twins were there, Strongside was there, a lot of good people and I was competing well with them I rediscovered how, after taking four events off, I could still compete with them. Once I got home I started to try and sell myself again. The first team I started off on wasn’t even the team I ended up on; I was trying to find a spot on Chilled Reality and one night after going through a lot of different teams, I found Perpelexity and KillerDrew. KillerDrew was at the LAN I went to. He said, “Hey, come run games with us,” and it was instant chemistry. It was really in about those two weeks that I found my drive again.

MLG: So that version of Chilled Reality you were trying to get on, was that version 74 or 83?

Hokum: (laughs) It might have been 74. I think they’re even switching it up again now.

MLG: Perplexity and PowWow have been competing at the Pro Level for several tournaments now. What can you tell us about your relatively unknown fourth, KillerDrew?

Hokum: Drew hasn’t actually been to any Halo 3 events I think. He’s one of those kids; I guess you can relate him to Snipedown. He’s been playing a lot online, and when you watch his Theatre you wonder why he hasn’t been to any events. He’s probably the best sniper on our team. He sits back, he’s got a good shot, and he’s smart. I don’t want to say he’s a random, but he’s a relatively unknown player.

MLG: So you’re calling it right now that KillerDrew is the next Snipedown?

Hokum: Of course he’s the next Snipedown.

MLG: You’ll have to play a team seeded in the Top 8 to advance to WB R2. Which team would you most want to match up against, and why?

Hokum: I’d have to say either Carbon, Believe the Hype, or Classic. Not because they’re the weakest teams, but teams we can take the most games from. Let me restate this: I want to get some vengeance on FearItSelf. Beating them in a tournament would be the best thing ever.

MLG: How have your scrims been going?

Hokum: We played Carbon last night. We’ve been either tying or splitting games with teams. We beat Instinct in a nine game series 6-3. We split games with FB. It’s never the case that we get shut out 0-11, so I think we have a good shot at the event.