Player Name: Heinz
Real Name: Richie Heinz
Birth Date: February 26, 1992
Hometown: Port Jefferson, New York
Current Team:Triggers Down
First Event Attended: Dallas 2007 (18th – FFA)
Number of Events Attended: 11
Best Placing: Meadowlands 2009 (1st – Triggers Down)
Favorite Gametype: Onslaught CTF
Controller Settings: 4 Sensitivity, Default, No Vibration
Other Favorite Competitive Games: MLB 2K9
Hobbies: Talking to friends, Watching baseball


MLG: Statistically, TD is the best team on the Pro Circuit right now. How does it feel to be on the most dominant team in Halo?

Heinz:Well, contrary to popular belief, we don’t think of ourselves as being so dominantly. Yeah, we won Meadowlands; but that’s in the past. Now, we’re just focusing on preparing for Columbus so we can win again. I do think the reason we were so dominant, especially on Sunday, is because we played with confidence. To be the best you have to think you’re the best.

MLG: TD played a grand total of 39 games in Meadowlands. That’s a lot of Halo. Did fatigue ever become a factor?

Heinz:No actually. We prepared for this situation pretty well. SK would tell us at the LAN’s we had before Meadows that we had to keep playing when we were tired so that we would be ready for this kind of situation if it happened at a tournament, which it did. I felt like the more we played, the better we got as a team too.

MLG: Speaking of SK – When you were a part of Ambush, there was never a clear-cut leader on the team. How does it feel to have a true leader to lead you into battle now?

Heinz: I once thought when people talked about having a team “leader”, that it was just talk. SK proves that wrong though. He is great. He makes sure that we practice, make good use of our time, and above all, have fun with it. He is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. On Ambush, I was usually the one getting everyone on and making sure we would play together, so it’s nice to have someone else doing all that stuff now.

MLG: Are you still in contact with Nexus and Cloud?

Heinz: Yeah, definitely. I play with Cloud a good amount on Xbox Live and it’s always fun talking to him. I’m glad that he did so well at Meadowlands. As for Nexus, I still talk to him but his team is too afraid to scrim us (laughs), so we don’t usually play.

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MLG: If Ambush can upset Final Boss in Columbus, it’s entirely possible for TD to meet Ambush in Winners Bracket Round 3. How interesting would that be?

Heinz: I think we would 3-0 them pretty fast. Ambush has never beaten Triggers Down, and I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. (laughs)

MLG: Well, at least not on Narrows CTF and Lockdown Ball, which you guys went undefeated in. Did you guys know how good you were at those two gametypes before Meadowlands?

Heinz: We didn’t realize we were that good at Narrows CTF until the stats came out yesterday, but we knew we were great at Lockdown Ball. We’ve only lost it once as a team. For some reason, no one else can figure out how to play this gametype. (laughs)

MLG: Even in scrims; only one loss? Impressive!

Heinz: I’m pretty sure the only time we’ve lost it was the first game at the second Status Quo LAN, where they made us play on the bad TV’s. (laughs)

MLG: Give us a run down on any LANs TD has had since Meadowlands.

Heinz: We got unlucky this time around and haven’t been able to schedule any LANs. All of the teams have found their matches already and it looks like we were the odd ones out. We don’t have any LANs planned, but I think we’ll be fine for Columbus. We’ve been practicing nearly every night.

MLG: Do you think this was done purposely?

Heinz: No I don’t think it was done purposely. I know some people think Str8 may have arranged it this way on purpose. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. We know what we are capable of, LAN or no LAN. Triggers Down only needs to worry about Triggers Down, nobody else.

MLG: Switching things up, what part of TD’s game have you been working on the most in preparation for Columbus?

Heinz: We haven’t specifically focused on anything. We’re just practicing every gametype. I think we could use some work on Guardian TS, but that’s about it.

MLG: Just a few more questions before you go. Has your friendship with Pistola grown since joining TD together?

Heinz: It was as good of a friendship as I could ask for before joining Triggers Down with him, so no. (laughs) It’s a lot of fun teaming with him. His jokes are certainly one of a kind.

MLG: What’s the reasoning behind TD’s seating arrangement at events?

Heinz: The people that do objective sit on the left side and the people that kill everything sit on the right side (laughs). Just kidding, there isn’t any real concept behind it. I’m pretty sure it’s just where we sat down the first time at our first LAN.

MLG: How has your life changed in the past year?

Heinz: My life hasn’t changed too much; same high school nonsense (laughs). It’s nice being on the best team, though, compared to last year. I hope to make a lot more money this year so I can save up for college and maybe get some nice things for my family, who supports me a lot in all of this. It’s been a great past few months though and I hope it continues.