Player Name: Heinz
Real Name: Richie Heinz
Birth Date: February 26, 1992
Hometown: Port Jefferson, New York
Current Team: Ambush
First Event Attended: Dallas 2007 (18th FFA)
Number of Events Attended: 9
Best Placing: 4th (Orlando 2008 and Dallas 2008 – Ambush)
Favorite Gametype: Onslaught CTF
Controller Settings: 4 Sensitivity, Default, No Vibration
Other Favorite Competitive Games: NHL 2009 and NCAA 2009
Hobbies: Talking to friends, playing baseball, watching football

MLG: How did it feel to place 4th again? Did it distill some doubts about your team or do you feel you’re still just looked at as the new team on the Circuit?

Heinz: We felt like we could do very well at Dallas. We were looking for at least top four. We thought we could beat TD but, obviously they were on fire, so there was no chance in that. Some people thought that maybe we shouldn’t have picked up Cloud, but I knew it was the right decision in the long term.

MLG: The only team you lost to this event was Triggers Down; How do you feel you would have done if you had to face Final Boss or Str8 Rippin in Losers Bracket Round 3?

Heinz: There’s no telling how we would have done because every team matches up against every other team differently in Halo 3. But, I think that if we played Final Boss we might have gotten Top 3.

MLG: Ambush managed to keep their roster together more successfully than a lot of other teams late in the year; Why do you think you were able to do that?

Heinz: Well, after Orlando when we picked up Cloud we had a long talk. We all wanted to stick together for the rest of the year, no matter what. But the main reason we wanted to stick together is because the longer you stick together, the better you get. We just all like each other, get along really well,and Nexus played a lot better.

MLG: Which tournament stood out more: Dallas or Orlando?

Heinz: I have to say Orlando because of the way we got fourth place; like that round three against Str8 Rippin was amazing. I don’t think that anything like that will ever happen again.

MLG: How is Ambush preparing for the 2008 Vegas Championships?

Heinz: We’re not preparing at all. We don’t practice. (Laughs) We were trying to LAN, but it fell through and we’re going to try and practice online as much as possible. We haven’t practiced once yet. We’re going to go in winging it like every other event.

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MLG: What are your expectations for Las Vegas?

Heinz: We really want to get Top 4 again because we know we can pull it off, especially playing Final Boss Round 1. We are confident we can beat them like we did at San Diego. We lost to them at Toronto with Neighbor, but you have to go in thinking you can win; that’s the first part. Then you have to perform.

MLG: Ambush is often considered as one of the most aggressive teams on the circuit; Do you agree with this critique?

Heinz: Definitely. One of our main things is being aggressive, especially on maps like Narrows, where we get in their base and stay in their base. There’s no stopping us. It’s like we did against Team Classic at Dallas.

MLG: How did the final roster for your team come together?

Heinz: Well, it started off after San Diego when it was me, Nexus, Cloud, and Silent. Cloud and Silent wanted to leave us for Eli and Gunshot, so me and Nexus figured to stick together would be the best thing. Pistola and Mudvayne needed two since Eli and Gunshot left them. We knew this team would work because me, Nexus, and Mudvayne had teamed together and me and Pistola got along really well, and then we got fourth. After Orlando, we saw that Cloud was a Free Agent. We thought that he was the best possible option for us and we picked him up and dropped Mudvayne.

MLG: Three of your team’s four members are under the age of 16; Is it harder to keep everyone dedicated at such a young age or do you think it’s an advantage?

Heinz: I feel like I’m pretty dedicated and I think Nexus is too, but sometimes it’s hard to get all four of us on at once. Often if we try to get a set schedule something always comes up in one of our schedules and we end up not practicing.

MLG: What do you expect will change in the 2009 season?

Heinz: Well, I think the off season will be more hectic than in between Orlando and Toronto because a lot of the teams expect first or second or third, and if they don’t get that they’re going to want to make the necessary roster change. I think the gametypes are pretty much set, maybe change a few spawns or change a few weapons here and there but I like all eleven right now.