Player Name: Ghostayame
Real Name: Eric Hewitt
Birth Date: June 9, 1988
Hometown: Westfield, New Jersey
Current Team:Carbon
First Event Attended:Philadelphia 2005
Number of Events Attended: 22
Best Placing: 1st (2006 Las Vegas Championships)
Favorite Gametype: Construct KoTH
Controller Settings: Bumper Jumper, 4 Sensitivity, Non Invert, Vibration On
Other Favorite Competitive Games: NHL 09, Mirror’s Edge, Gears of War 2, Street Fighter 4
Hobbies: Giving Lessons and Hanging out with Friends


MLG: After struggling all season, Carbon placed third at the Las Vegas Championships; Why did that event go so differently for Carbon compared to the previous three 7th place finishes?

Ghostayame: The reason that we placed so well at Vegas is because we finally put in the hours we needed to. Carlos (Cpt Anarchy) and I put the time in before the tournament and the LAN with Str8 Rippin helped a lot to. We watched some of their screens, learned a few things, and set some team boundaries.

MLG: Why did Carbon decide to replace Naded with Soviet?

Ghostayame: Naded didn’t play that much. He didn’t like the game that much and it was a turn off for us. At Vegas, he was playing a bit selfish. Pretty much I decided that Naded has been around for a while and most veteran players don’t change their style. Soviet hasn’t been around as long and can be anything. I knew he would listen to pretty much anything we would say, so I figured he would be a better choice.

MLG: You and Cpt. Anarchy have spent most of the off-season living together. What was your practice schedule like?

Ghostayame: During the first month of the off-season we took a long break from the game. After that, we got in about three hours a day. Then we had the Christmas break, he put in a few hours, I didn’t really play at all. When we came back to Penn State in January we pretty much started back up again, playing around four hours a day; trying to log as many games as we could either on our main accounts or our fake accounts. We’re just trying to keep up with the rest of the community. We are trying to schedule a LAN right now for March 8th – 15th, our original plans to play Str8 Rippin fell through so we are looking for someone else.

MLG: Prior to the 2008 Season you and Cpt. Anarchy teamed in 2006. What team were you on and why did you part ways back then?

Ghostayame: We were on team eX and the reason we parted ways was because we went to a LAN before Chicago of 2006 and we played against Carbon and did very well. I guess because of that they looked into picking me up over Strongside. The decision was between me and Defy. Once I got an offer from Carbon and I had just placed 6th with eX, it was in my best interests to join Carbon. I went to Carbon and luckily Defy left Str8 and Carlos got picked up.

MLG: What was it like having a rivalry with your best friend’s team?

Ghostayame: It wasn’t all fun and games. Every series was played seriously, but after every series Carlos would hang out with us more than with Str8.

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MLG: Cpt. Anarchy had a pretty impressive record against Carbon from all the times he matched up against you in tournament play. What was the final tally?

Ghostayame: I believe he was 0 and 33 against Shockwave. It’s not against Carbon, it was against Gandhi and Shockwave. We played Legendz at one of the events last year so now he has some games on Scott. So now it’s just the record against Shockwave, and I believe it’s 0 and 33.

MLG: Before gaining recognition at MLG tournaments you made a name for yourself in New Jersey’s famous LAN scene. What were those early LANs and tournaments like?

Ghostayame: Well, you’re just like any other kid who wants to get noticed. I remember my first LAN at DMAQ’s. He asked me to bring two TV’s, three Xbox’s, two bags of Honey BBQ Potato Chips, just like everything. I was aspiring, trying to become what I am today. I did everything he asked me to do. Through that I met Pistol and a bunch of the New Jersey locals. They told me about the NJHalo tournaments, I went to a couple of those and won the Free For All at one. As soon as I started going to the state and local tourneys I got noticed. I teamed up with two of my locals and Cheesehead and got 9th-12th at my first event.

MLG: Who were some of the other players that came out of that LAN group?

Ghostayame: It would be DMAQ, Nexy, Pistol, Insidious, Cypher, I Joe I, Skills, CDN111, Code Red, and Collosus.

MLG: Who was the first well known player to give you a shot at playing for a Pro Team?

Ghostayame: The first well known player to give me a shot would have to be xXx during the summer of 2005. He was local to New York so he saw me at a few locals. He and Pistol were on TSK, so going to L.A. of 2005 he approached me to team with him and Pistol. Going into the event our fourth was supposed to be Havok. Havok couldn’t attend so we picked up Levi. We got Top 8 that event.

MLG: You weren’t the person to come up with your current gamertag, Ghostayame. Who came up with the tag originally and what does it mean?

Ghostayame: The person who originally came up with my tag was my twin brother Brett. Back in the Counterstrike days of Xbox Live he wanted to make a tag called Ghost, but that was taken, so he tried it with some numbers, and that was taken. He had also been playing a game called Tenshu that had a character named Ayame, so he added that on to his crazy ghost tag. Then he kind of moved onto PC gaming and I took over.

MLG: For the last few events Carbon has had used Coach Tom as their coach. Tell us a little bit about who Tom is and what he’s brought to the team.

Ghostayame: Tom is one of our friends from school. He’s always watching us play. He goes online to check out what’s going on, makes sure we get on to practice. He’s also a fun person to travel with. He brings a comfort zone to what we can do in game and out.

MLG: The new team Illuminati has two ex-Carbon members on it, Naded and Karma. Do you anticipate a friendly rivalry with them?

Ghostayame: To be honest I’m not sure. I’d like to think I’m cool with both of those guys. We haven’t talked that much after we parted ways. There was some trash talk after our victory over Triggers Down, so there may be something between Ben and Carlos. We didn’t really talk too much with Brett after the dropping. So if there will be a rivalry it’ll be a good one.

MLG: Carbon is somewhat infamous for creating alternate gamertags and then going on tears through matchmaking with them. Why do you guys enjoy that so much? What were some of the gamertags you guys have played on?

Ghostayame: The reason we like playing on fake tags is because when we play on our real tags that we have this stigma that we can’t get out BR fight. We might win 19 out of 20 BR fights, but that 1 out of twenty will go on his file share. When you play on the fake tags you don’t have to act so professional, you can do crazy stuff you can talk a bit of trash. There’s a level of anonymity. We’ve played on BeaverClaw, Dr. Construct, AoD God and a few others.

MLG: You recently participated in the new Pro-AM Challenge. What do you think of the opportunities this new contest provides to aspiring Pro Players?

Ghostayame: I think it’s great. We’re giving these opportunities to the players that want them. It’s pretty nice to get into a room with two Pros and Chris Puckett and hear how they communicate and then get on the front page and show the community how good they are. Moe, from the last one, went 44 and 17. Everyone probably thinks he’s nasty.