Player Name: Gandhi
Real Name:Scott Lussier
Birth Date: September 24, 1989
Hometown: Nokesville, Virgina
Current Team:Legendz
First Event Attended: Halo Nationals 2004
Number of Events Attended: 31
Best Placing:1st (Las Vegas Championships 2006 – Carbon – Shockwave, Gandhi, Karma, and Ghostayame
Favorite Gametype: CTF Onslaught
Controller Settings:Sensitivity 4, Default, Vibration
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Only Halo
Hobbies: Weightlifting, Girls, Hanging out with friends, Fishing, and Sports

MLG: Legendz had to fight their way out of the Losers Bracket after dropping a series to Florida Jackalopes. What went wrong during that series?

Gandhi: We came in with our heads way too high and we thought we would breeze through the open bracket with pretty much ease, from LAN’ing with Instinct and doing well against them. It turned out to bite us in the butt. When we matched up against (FJ) later we came back to win 6-3.

MLG: What was the attitude going into the Open Bracket Finals, where you would have to beat Antigravity twice in order to advance to the Championship 4v4?

Gandhi: To be honest, we didn’t think about having to beat them two series in a row. We just took it game by game and it ended up helping us out a lot.

MLG: This was the best placing for Legendz since you became a team. What did the team do differently this tournament than the previous two events you attended together?

Gandhi: Honestly, the reason I think we did a lot better was picking up Legend. Legend brought a lot to the plate and helped us out a lot. He had a really good understanding of the game, especially from playing the top caliber teams throughout the whole season. He had a good grasp on Halo 3 4v4. His strats gave us a good outlook on how to play the game, and then we ended up figuring out how to beat the top teams to get to where we were.

MLG: In the Championship 4v4, Legendz got knocked into the Losers Bracket by Str8 Rippin, and then eliminated by Instinct. What do you think you could have done differently to advance further?

Gandhi: To be honest, those are two really good teams, I can’t take anything away from them. We woke up Sunday morning kind of happy that we got the eighth spot and not really hungry for anything else besides getting the eighth spot, so I think that kind of played a part. But if we could have woken up and had the mentality of ok we’re gonna win this thing, and started playing a lot more and getting more intense we wouldn’t have been so sluggish against Str8.

MLG: During the course of the season Legendz has picked up 3 previous members of Team Classic. How do Fear, Naded and Legend compare?

Gandhi: They all play extremely differently, which Is surprising. I didn’t think they would. Fear was an amazing shot, he shot really good, but he was not the smartest of players and would pretty much challenge anyone, no matter what the situation was. Naded was a really good player; he seemed to be a little more selfish than he realized when you teamed with him, but it helps you win games nonetheless. That kinda put a hurting on us, because I’m kind of like the main slayer, in the spot, and he was kind of doing that too and it conflicted with me. Legend played for the win. It’s hard to explain, his playing style was to do whatever it took to win the game. That helped us a lot and the fact that he knew what strats worked against certain teams, it kind of gave us an edge over other teams.

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MLG: Did you find your team adapting a lot of the Team Classic strategies and tendencies or is your play style completely different?

Gandhi: I didn’t get to watch Classic play at any of the recent events but I’d say we took a lot of our strats from Instinct. From the Instinct LAN we pretty much adapted all of their strats and then tried to work our own way into it. We do kind of play like Classic, we charge a lot, but I think we have more of a basis of the Instinct strats.

MLG:What are the differences in play style and mentality between Carbon and Legendz?

Gandhi: Well with Carbon, starting of in the ’08 season it seemed like we had nothing to win and only to lose just from doing good in Halo 2. If any new Halo 3 team were to come up we’d just have everything to lose and we’d play like that and it showed. I mean I didn’t play nearly enough to be on Carbon which is why I got the boot and some other reasons, but then I got the offer from Defy to team with him and I took that. I realized that to be good at this game you have to put in the time, so with Legendz I think it gave me a better understanding of the game and I put a lot more time in. With Legendz, Defy, Bestman; everyone knows their names but no one knows they’re good. That’s something to me that came as a shock, when I teamed with them I thought they shoot good but they don’t have any smarts or anything. I was kind of surprised. They’re good players, it shocked me. I think when we sit down at each station we have everything to prove and nothing to lose and that’s exactly how we play.

MLG: How is Legendz preparing for the MLG Championships in Las Vegas?

Gandhi: To prepare for Vegas we will be playing a couple of games online, scrimming teams here and there, but we will be LAN’ing with Final Boss before the event sometime. That’s going to be a great LAN for us.

MLG: Who do you feel is the most underrated player on your team?

Gandhi: I think the most under rated player on our team is Defy. I don’t think his stats show how good he was doing during the gameplay, but I mean, I’d say he does a lot for the team. Bestman had an amazing tournament at Dallas and I think it turned a lot of people’s heads to realize he’s actually a good player, but I’d think the most under rated player was Defy.

MLG: In your opinion, who is the most dominant team on the circuit right now?

Gandhi: Most dominant team on the circuit, that’s really hard. You have Str8 Rippin which is composed of four amazing players. They all shoot lights out and their strats are amazing. Triggers Down versus Str8 Rippin; they kinda equal each other out, balance each other. Whichever player on whoever’s team is catching more fire, that team’s going to win. Based on the last event I’d say they’re practically equal. I expect a one two finish out of them at Vegas. I’m pulling for Triggers Down to win. Ben deserves it a lot, and Hysteria I think is the best player in the league, FeatItSelf is really good, SK is really good. But I think it’s going to be a great series like it was last tournament. But I would say the most dominant team would be Triggers Down as of right now.

MLG: The story goes that during the 2006 season where Karma went undefeated in the 1v1’s he practiced for this competition with you, where apparently you were able to beat him more than he was able to beat you. Is there any truth to this rumor?

Gandhi: Yeah, well it depended. Whenever I had host against Karma in the 2006 season in 1v1’s I would constantly beat him because I hosted for my team and I knew how to abuse host to the fullest in the 1v1’s. Off host it would normally be like 15 to 14, or 15 to 10, his favor. And when I had host it would be anywhere from15 to 8 or 12, my favor. But towards the end he started doing just as good as I was off host. He just understood the game completely.