Player Name: ElamiteWarrior
Real Name: Kyle Elam
Birth Date: February 25, 1988
Hometown: Florence, Kentucky
Current Team:Str8 Rippin
First Event Attended:Philadelphia 2005
Number of Events Attended: 22
Best Placing: 1st (2008 Las Vegas Championships – Str8 Rippin – Tsquared, ElamiteWarrior, Snipedown and Legit)
Favorite Gametype: Pit CTF
Controller Settings: 3 Sensitivity, Vibration, Bumper Jumper
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Cube Runner
Hobbies:Traveling, school

MLG: How did it feel to win your first ever National Championship?

ElamiteWarrior: It felt amazing. All the other tournaments throughout the season don’t matter. It’s whoever wins the Championships that’s remembered for that season.

MLG: During the final game on Onslaught CTF there was a huge scramble for the last flag capture. What was going through your head during this $100,000
dollar mosh pit?

ElamiteWarrior: I remember Tom having a ridiculous back-smack and flag return on one of the Instinct members running their last flag cap. Before he returned that I thought the game was over and I was starting to think about the next gametype but once I saw him return that I just got a burst of adrenaline and knew that we could come back and win this. Then I remember running the last flag onto our stairs and dying by nades, but I just remember in slow motion everyone running for the flag and trying to cap it and I was just unbelievably excited when we capped it and we won. I couldn’t have hoped for a better last game to win the tournament.

MLG: When you didn’t qualify for the 2006 Las Vegas Championships, you went anyway as a coach for FBI Michigan. After not qualifying for the 2008
Championships your brother, Ace, took your approach and came to the
event as a coach. What are your expectations for Ace for the 2009

ElamiteWarrior: I think Ace is definitely going to be the next break out player for next season as soon as his team starts meshing really well. I can see him easily placing Top 6 and then moving into the Top 4 and Top 3 by the end of the 2009 season. He reminds me a lot of myself with more individual skill.

MLG: Although Str8 Rippin did not drop a single series at the Championships, you came close to losing to Carbon. What did Str8 Rippin do to rally back and win that series?

ElamiteWarrior: Well we knew how good Carbon was coming into the tournament because we LAN’ed with them in between Dallas and Vegas. We knew that Narrows was one of their strongest gametypes and I think they knew too that if they didn’t 3-1 us or 3-0 us we were gonna come back to win the series based on the gametypes.

MLG: Your first series against Instinct was a relatively close 3 to 2
victory. When you met up again in the Finals, Str8 Rippin only lost one
game to Instinct. Why were you able to beat them so much more dominantly
the second time around?

ElamiteWarrior: In the Winners Bracket against Instinct I was probably playing some of the worst Halo I’ve ever played. I remember betraying two or three of my team mates, including sticking Legit when he had full Overshield. I was so flustered after that that it was hard to stay focused some of the games. But I was able to get past that and then we were able to win the series. In the Finals we were all playing really well so it wasn’t as bad as in the Winners Bracket.

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MLG: Triggers Down beat you in both Orlando and Dallas. Was there any
disappointment from not getting the opportunity to face them at this

ElamiteWarrior: Not so much. It would have been nice to beat them in the Finals but Instinct was playing amazing at that tournament. I didn’t have any regret not playing them.

MLG: Which individual player, who was not on your team, impressed you most
last event?

ElamiteWarrior: Shockwave. At all the LANs we had with Carbon, Shockwave was always the most inconsistent player; but at Vegas, it just seemed that he was on fire the entire time. I already knew that Ghost and Carlos could all step it up but Shockwave was just on fire that tournament.

MLG: What are your plans for the off-season and all the money you won?

ElamiteWarrior: In the off-season I’m taking a little break. I’ll still play Halo but not as hard as I did before Vegas. We put so much time in and I played so much Halo recently that I need a break. Money wise, my parents are building a new house, I’m decking out the basement into a gaming area. So that’s probably where most of it is going to go.

MLG: When can we expect the Str8 Rippin montage?

ElamiteWarrior: We don’t have an exact release date for the montage yet but I know Zola and Peridious are working really hard on it and it’s probably going to be the best montage out there.

MLG: What can we expect from Str8 Rippin for the 2009 Season?

ElamiteWarrior: You can expect a lot of what happened in the 2008 Season, except we don’t want to ruin our record with another fifth place finish at the first event.