Player Name: Demon D
Real Name: Daniel Yakovleff
Birth Date: March 24, 1992
Hometown: Langley Park, Maryland
Current Team: Believe the Hype
First Event Attended: Charlotte 2007 – 17th Place
Number of Events Attended: 6
Best Placing: 3rd – Meadowlands 2009
Favorite Gametype: Construct King
Controller Settings: Default, 4 Sensitivity, Bumper Jumper, Vibration On
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Call of Duty 4, Gears of War
Hobbies: Basketball

Demon D

MLG: In the weeks following Columbus, it has been rumored that Believe the Hype has dropped Clutch. Can you confirm these rumors?

Demon D: Yes, he was dropped. He was dropped because no one on the team was getting along with him, and it was bringing negative energy to us. So we just couldn’t stick together.

MLG: Then who will be replacing Clutch?

Demon D: We’re going back to our former teammate, Sypher.

MLG: For those who don’t know, Sypher was a part of BtH in Meadowlands, where you finished 3rd. What made you decide to join back up with him?

Demon D: We decided to pick him back up because we know he’s sick at the game. The only reason we dropped him in the first place was because we wanted to LAN, and he isn’t able to. Since then, we’ve found that LAN’ing isn’t as beneficial as we thought it would be. We didn’t drop him due to lack of skill, so we’re just going to stick with him and try to scrim as much as we can online and then do work in Dallas.

MLG: Sypher was a bit of a mystery to many people after your performance in Meadowlands. Tell everyone a little bit about what he brings to the team.

Demon D: He brings a lot of slaying power to the team. I think it will help us a lot because it feels like we can all do everything now – both slaying wise and objective wise. I think people will need to watch out for the Soviet/Sypher duo!

MLG: Ah yes, Soviet. Now that you have an event under your belt with him, what is it like to have Soviet on the team?

Demon D: He’s kind of like Sypher in way. He is a monster slayer, and that’s why I think that duo will destroy.

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MLG: How long have you been running games together, and how are things working out so far?

Demon D: Well, we have only played a couple of scrims, but we when we have, we’ve destroyed. We will get some serious practice after the Summer LAN. Cloud is currently over there.

MLG: What’s the word on the Summer LAN? Have you heard anything as of yet?

Demon D: So far, not really. I just know a bunch of them went to Six Flags the other day.

MLG: Alright, let’s backtrack a little. All things considered, how do you feel about the team’s performance in Columbus? Were you satisfied?

Demon D: Of course I wasn’t satisfied. I just felt like we weren’t on the same page – maybe because of us arguing online a lot.

MLG: So the chemistry just wasn’t there?

Demon D: Yeah, basically.

MLG: What were some of the differences you saw in the team between Meadowlands and Columbus?

Demon D: In Meadowlands, I think we practiced a lot more because we wanted it more – seeing as we were a new team and really wanted to prove something. In Columbus, I felt like we kind of slacked off a little with our scrims. Now we want to prove that we can make it to the top again. So watch out for us when Dallas comes around.

MLG: What is BtH’s practice regimen like, and what have you focused on improving upon?

Demon D: Well, we’re not really on a practice schedule right now, but we’ve started going over things like what we should do in a certain situations. For example, if we’re all dead in an Oddball or King game, we’ve gone over how we should break the other team’s setup and things like that.

MLG: Since you mentioned Oddball, did you know that BtH has won 80% of their Oddball games thus far in 2009? What do you think makes the team so impressive at that gametype?

Demon D: Wow! Honestly I didn’t even realize that. I guess we’re just really good at breaking setups. When we break a setup, we take advantage of the opportunity and set up quickly before the other team can recover.

MLG: Let’s take a moment to talk about you personally. How have you spent the summer so far, and are you looking forward to your senior year of high school?

Demon D: So far, I’ve just been gaming, taking a summer class, and chillin’ –And yeah, I’m looking forward to my senior year. I just can’t wait to leave high school.

MLG: You rose through the ranks very quickly in Halo 3, and because of that, many people are unaware of your beginnings. Tell us where your Halo career began, and how you first got involved with the league?

Demon D: It started with me playing Halo: CE on XBC. When Halo 2 came out, I made an Xbox Live account instantly and just kept on playing. I started to get known as an “Xbox Live Warrior” because I was pretty good at Team Hardcore. (laughs) Then when Halo 3 came out, I got pretty good fast – but never really broke Top 8 until this year. After last season ended, Cloud asked me to team with him, Clutch, and Sypher. That’s pretty much how my career started.

MLG: What is Demon D’s strongest attribute?

Demon D: I think I’m pretty unpredictable, which makes me stay alive longer. I’m good at making people think I’m going to go one place, and then end up going another.

MLG: You’ve gotten to experience something that many people dream of: playing on the Main Stage during Championship Sunday. Describe to everyone what it’s like to play on under the lights of the Main Stage.

Demon D: It’s pretty intense! You know everyone is watching you, and you might get nervous the first time, but after that it’s just super intense and fun.

MLG: Let’s wrap this up by looking ahead towards Dallas. What are your expectations for Believe the Hype in Dallas?

Demon D: Honestly, I’m not trying to act cocky, but I think we can get first in Dallas – or at least Top 2. We have what it takes.