Player Name: Defy
Real Name: Brandon Jenkins
Birth Date: January 12, 1987
Hometown: Waldorf, Maryland
Current Team: No Team Name Yet
First Event Attended:Atlanta 50k3 2004
Number of Events Attended: 30
Best Placing: 1st (2005 Seattle & Nashville)
Favorite Gametype: Onslaught CTF
Controller Settings: 3 Sensitivity, Vibration, Bumper Jumper
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Only Halo
Hobbies:Hanging out with friends, going to professional sporting events

MLG: What is your current team?

Defy: My current team is myself, Naded, and Karma.

MLG: What do you feel this new line up can do at the first event?

Defy: I’m not entirely sure how we’ll place, but I think Top 6 is on lock with us three.

MLG: Why did you pick them over Team Classic?

Defy: The main reason I chose to team with Naded and Karma is because of what they did last year and just how good they’ve been in the past. It’s really not a knock against Solider, Ant, or BestMan. I won’t say it’s a safer option, but I just have more confidence in us three.

MLG: What fourths are you looking at right now?

Defy: As far as fourths, I’m not really sure who we can really team with at this point. I haven’t talked with Naded and Karma to consider anyone, but we’re going to be pretty open and figure out who would fit the best.

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MLG: During 2006 you were on Str8 Rippin but left to form your own team. Do you ever regret that decision?

Defy: Yes, I do. The reason that I did leave Str8 was not that I didn’t enjoy being on that team and the success we had. When I heard that StrongSide had been left by Carbon I thought I had the opportunity to make a really good team with Strongside and two others, it just didn’t work out.

MLG: For most of 2007 and the early part of 2008 you had some rough placings. What motivated you to keep competing and eventually persevere?

Defy: Well, I was really aggravated with 2007, especially in the beginning. I really wanted to team with Legit and we ended up having to settle to team with I Joe I because Legit decided he wanted to go to Str8 I believe. We just couldn’t get the fourth we wanted. After we couldn’t get Saiyan or Legit I kind of lost drive, hardly played during the off-season, and just had a huge ego and was too cocky. I got destroyed at the first event by people who had been playing. After that it was really frustrating because I knew what I was capable of and I tried to stick it out and find a team that would work out. Eventually I did ok, once I teamed with Pistol, Dysphoria and D Fury.

MLG: After so many team changes in the last 2 years, who have some of your favorite teammates been?

Defy: My favorite teammates would definitely be Vash, Mack, Foulacy, Tsquared, and probably D Fury and BestMan. There’s a bunch of them because I’ve had a bunch of different team mates.

MLG: Were you ever offered a spot on what could have potentially been a big team that you rejected?

Defy: Well, before 2007 Legit had asked me if I wanted to team with him and Naded and I decided to stick with Vash and Mack. That didn’t work out too well. I’ve had offers before that I’ve turned down, but no big ones recently.

MLG: What is the best advice you can give for adapting to new team mates?

Defy: I would say play naturally and don’t try to over think it. You’re just going to play worse if you focus too much. Just play normally and everyone will get used to each other and everyone will just click. If you’re all good Halo players, you’ll just have to adjust and get used to each other.

MLG: When is it time to switch a teammate?

Defy: I think when two teammates are having trouble getting along outside of Halo and inside; that’s when it’s really time to make a team change. As far as someone who is constantly losing individual fights, you can make that argument, but I’ve never made a team change based off of that because everyone at the top is equally skilled.

MLG: What roles have you played on your teams? Which has been your favorite?

Defy: My favorite role that I’ve played would definitely be the slaying role. Where I just roam around, stay alive, control the weapons when they come up. It’s the easiest job and it’s the most fun. I’ve also been the support player who sits back and gets killed a lot because they’re not thinking about themselves and are just trying to help their teammates. And I’ve also been the objective player who just beelines straight for the objective and tries to help teammates as he goes for it.

MLG: You were often regarded as having one of the best BR’s in Halo 2; How do you think your BR ranks in Halo 3?

Defy: I think my BR is pretty good in Halo 3. It seems different than Halo 2 because it’s just not as consistent. There aren’t as many normal BR fights you could say. I’d say I definitely have the top shot to compete with players on the Top 4 teams.