Player Name: Cpt Anarchy
Real Name: Carlos Morales
Birth Date: January 16, 1989
Hometown: Hayward, California
Current Team:Carbon
First Event Attended: San Francisco 2004
Number of Events Attended: 29
Best Placing:2nd Place – Str8 Rippin
Favorite Gametype: Narrows CTF
Controller Settings: Bumper Jumper, 3 Sensitivity, Vibration On
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Halo CE, RTCW, Counter Strike 1.6
Hobbies: Lifting, Listening to music, Going on crazy hikes

Cpt Anarchy

MLG: In his recent interview with ESPN, Naded had a lot to say about Carbon – and you specifically. So we’re going to ask you the same question he was asked: In your opinion, why is Naded no longer a part of Carbon?

Cpt Anarchy: We dropped Naded from Carbon due to the fact that he never got on to play on his own. We understood that he had a girlfriend and a child on the way, so of course you have to deal with a new born child over Halo; We got that. What we didn’t get was why he would go into “Emo Naded” and start yelling about how much he hated Halo 3. When we LANed vs. Str8 right before Vegas, he basically quit in the LAN saying he didn’t want to try anymore because we were losing one of the 11 games pretty bad. His dedication wasn’t there, and his attitude was even worse. Before we played Final Boss on Main Stage, we scrimmed Classic. We lost one of the games and he got so mad he slammed his controller and had to use a new one.

We did not drop him because of his child. That is not true at all. Naded was an amazing player – yes; great team player – no. He baited us a ton and stuck us in the worst part of
maps. Go back and watch TS Construct against Str8 in Vegas. Watch us sit at gold and spawn and die and lose. Yeah, Ghost tried to control his crazy routes – but that was only to advance our control of the map.

MLG: So you’re saying his relationship with his girlfriend had very little to do with the situation?

Cpt Anarchy: Very little. Naded told us before Vegas that it could be his last tourney. He was about to be a father and didn’t know if he would keep playing. This was dating back all the way to Dallas. We figured since we had just gotten a 3rd, we could get a 4th that would be on a lot more and didn’t have something as big as Naded did going on in his life.

MLG: There were also a few choice words spoken regarding the leadership on Carbon. Who’s really calling the shots on the team?

Cpt Anarchy: With respected team names such as Carbon, comes respected team members. I am the third highest ranking Carbon member on the team. I don’t call any shots – I give my insight. Everything always goes through Shockwave. Even when we decided to drop Naded, Shockwave had second thoughts. It took a lot of decisive thinking. Carbon has been an MLG franchise for a while. I am one of the newer players, so of course our captain Shockwave and Ghost have more knowledge than I do.

MLG: So ultimately things are in Shockwave’s hands, but you all throw your input in where it’s needed?

Cpt Anarchy: Yea. It goes from me, to Ghost, and then finally to Shockwave. He has the final say. Ghost and Shockwave control the power on the team.

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MLG: Is there anything else you’d like to address from Naded’s interview? Now is the time.

Cpt Anarchy: I think what Naded said was a bit skewed, and I remember the exact day. It was a month from Meadows. I said something along these lines of, “if I would have known your dedication after the event would sky rocket, we would have never gotten rid of you despite you having a new born child.” I always had his back. Also, Shockwave knew we wanted to switch it up after Meadows after seeing Soviet not fit in very well. Yeah, he might have played well – but he played scared and without any confidence for the entire tournament. Shockwave and Ghost basically had to put him to sleep with Carbon bedtime stories of past events. In my opinion, I think Naded dished out the interview to screw us over.

MLG: If that’s the case, what was his motive?

Cpt Anarchy: To take Soviet from us. After Naded’s interview, Ghost, Shockwave, and I were confused. We never said anything of this sort. Shockwave was well aware of everything that was going on.

MLG: Which leads us to our next topic – Soviet. Lay it all out there. Why is he no longer a part of the team?

Cpt Anarchy: All three of us (Myself, Ghost and Shockwave) had just booked our tickets to Walshy’s for a LAN. We start talking about it, and Soviet was all for booking his ticket too. Carbon had not practiced since Meadows until last weekend. We played once, and then a few days ago we played Instinct. It was our 2nd time playing together since the event. The scrims didn’t go our way, but that was okay seeing as we didn’t get on in three weeks as a team. The next morning, Ghost gets a text message saying, “Sorry things didn’t work out, I am leaving the team – Soviet.” I don’t know what changed in the span of 24 hours, but something definitely did. I guess it was karma, but what was said in that interview was a bad misinterpretation of what was really said.

MLG: Were you in shock, or could you sense something was up?

Cpt Anarchy: Total surprise. We talked about the LAN, we all had our flights booked, and he was the last one to get his stuff together. Now we have 3/4 of a team showing up to LAN vs. Instinct.

MLG: So are you guys actively searching for a 4th member?

Cpt Anarchy: Yeah, we have very little time to get a legitimate contender who isn’t selfish (and doesn’t get scared in Game 5 Construct TS). Someone who is selfless and team BRs.

MLG: Now that everything has turned out the way it has, there’s only one question: Who was the better teammate – Soviet or Naded?

Cpt Anarchy: I know it sucks to say, but I have to go with Naded. Soviet has a lot of potential, but I guess Instinct knew something that we didn’t.

MLG: If you could have any player in the league to be Carbon’s 4th, who would it be?

Cpt Anarchy: Neighbor

MLG: To wrap things up, tell us about the upcoming LAN.

Cpt Anarchy: The LAN is May 15th-20th at Walshy’s house, and we’re unsure of how things are going to go. If we can find the right piece to Carbon, we will be back at the top. We made a mistake and I know this time it won’t happen again.

MLG: Oh… and one last thing – Will you be a part of one of the defining moments of our generation – Sundance’s Quest for 50?

Cpt Anarchy: Count Ghost and I BOTH in!