Name: Carlos Morales
Gamertag: Cpt Anarchy
Age: 18
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Favorite Games: Halo CE, Twisted Metal 2, THPS Series, Madden Series, Sonic the Hedgehog

Cpt Anarchy (far right) with Legendz in Dallas

Halo and Pro Gaming

How did you get your start in the competitive world of Halo?

I played Halo for a good two years all the time with my best friends back when I lived in Califronia. I realized I was pretty good and heard of tournaments like the one Darkman won. I googled “Halo tournaments,” found MLG and went to MLG San Francisco for H1 back in 2004 and it was awesome.

From there, how did you turn into one of the league’s top professionals and sign a $250,000 contract?

Well, I knew I had potential because people kept telling me that, but sadly I joined the league too late for Halo: CE and I knew if I waited for Halo 2 I could make some noise. I did just that. I waited for Halo 2, played it everyday with some well-known west coast Halo players and then got into some games with some really good east coast players. I wanted to go to the first event in DC but had no money, so I kept waiting. It wasn’t until the Houston 2005 event until I got to go. I placed Top 8 in 4v4 and I never looked back. My resume speaks for itself after that. I just kept practicing and practicing everyday to be where I am now.

What do you feel like are your best qualities as a professional Halo player?

My personality would be my biggest quality. Everyone knows I’m petty sarcastic and blunt. Some people don’t understand that so when I tell someone they suck I sometimes hint sometimes I don’t mean it but I use it to my advantage. Also I’m so goofy at events that it makes my opponents think I’m not that serious, but when the game starts it’s all business. When I pick up a controller, my teammates can expect big things; I can go from slaying to being able to support while still slaying. Also they can expect me to charge three guys when I’m no shields, which is what I am most known for. Being a selfless player also helps, not about the stats more about what it takes in game to win, even if it means doing the dirty work, which I hate doing. (laughs)

Now that professional gaming is your job, is playing Halo still fun?

I get this question a lot, and my answer changes all the time. When it’s at the level that you’re required to play everyday and then play your best at an event it becomes more stressful than anything, especially when you’re playing via Xbox Live. Halo is fun when you can find four players that you’re good friends with, and you’re having fun doing something everyone has in common. I don’t really have fun on Xbox Live, but at an event I have so much fun. So playing Halo as a pro gamer has its ups and downs.

Lots of players have little superstitions or warm-up routines meant to get their head into the game. Do you do anything special before a match to get pumped up and ready to play?

I would like to think I don’t, but I have this lucky addicts shirt that I used to wear to events and I haven’t worn it yet this season. I don’t know if that’s what has been causing my mediocre placings, but I might have to bring it back for Chicago. Other than that, I listen to my iPod in the morning and it gets me pumped up.

How long do you think a pro-gaming career can last? Will you still be an MLG pro in your 30s?

I think pro gaming hasn’t even hit its peak yet, it’s growing fast and I can just see the day it explodes and becomes mainstream. Other than that, I think that MLG has done an awesome job building what truly is competitive gaming. I think it all depends on the youth of today whether or not gaming can last as a profession. Only time will tell. In my 30s I doubt I would play any games, I might have some sort of career or I might want to help MLG. Its not that I wouldn’t be any good. I just might not have the time to put into it, but I would still play for fun.

What is your favorite map from the Halo series and why?

Favorite map would have to Chill Out. It’s such a basic map, but when you play with or against really good players it becomes a mind game as to who can make the right move or wrong mistake leading to take over the rocket room for rocket control. The map is so small, but so complex that one move can cost you total control. And come on, every time someone loads up Halo, 2v2 Chill Out is always the first map someone plays. I also used to love watching 4v4 oddball and 2s on chilly.

Just for Fun

When you are not in your LeGendZ uniform, I’ve seen you wearing a lot of t-shirts and hats from bands. What kind of music do you listen to?

My favorite type of music would have to be punk. As of last year I really got into the whole reggae thing and my favorite band now is Slightly Stoopid. If you haven’t heard them, listen to them. They are sick.

Why are you drawn to punk and reggae? Is it the culture surrounding the music or just the sounds?

When I lived in California most of my friends listened to punk and I used to be into that whole scene, but I grew up and grew out of wearing my jacket, band tees, etc. What I really do miss the most is going to shows. For those of you who know who The Virus is, I got a ride from them to their show because they couldn’t find the venue; it was a crazy experience. As for reggae, I always liked Sublime thanks to Dave Mirra BMX games. After that I branched out to other reggae/ska bands.

Do you play any music yourself?

No, but most of my family plays a instrument. Most of them live in Mexico, but I have a cousin in California who plays guitar. (laughs)

If you couldn’t be a professional gamer anymore, what kind of career would you pursue?

I would want to pursue pro paintball, when I lived in California that was all I did and I was pretty good at it too. But that’s in the past, but now I would want to pursue business or law and make bank.

Are you really an anarchist or is the Cpt Anarchy thing just a cool name?

(laughs) When I was in sixth grade and into the punk scene I believed in it, but now i figure it was the dumbest thing ever. The name came from the band Anti-flag. They used to be my favorite band, but not anymore. They are kind of lame.

Fill in the Blank

______ is the hottest actress in Hollywood.

Jessica Biel

My favorite time of the year is ______.


I like to ______ in the summer.


_______ is the best teammate I’ve ever had.


If I had to pick between Defy and Ghost, I would choose _______.


If I’m not using the Battle Rifle, I want to have the ________.


Sundance is ________.

The sickest

My favorite ice cream topping is ________.

Chocolate syrup

Besides pro-gaming, my favorite sport is _________.


As a child, my favorite toy was _________.

GI Joe

________ has lost his (or her) mind.

Mike Vick


McDonald’s or Burger King?


Dogs or Cats?


Brains or Brawn?


Apples or Oranges?


Long walks on the beach or moonlit strolls in the park?


Spaghetti or Lasagna?


Colossus Snipes or Sanctuary Snipes?

Sanc snipes baby!

Jessica Simpson or Jessica Alba?


So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing With the Stars?

TV sucks

Fuel Rod Cannon or Spartan Laser?

Spartan Laser

Honor Society or Detention?


Green or Yellow?


Offense or Defense?


Splattered or The Guardians?

The Guardians

Meat Loaf or Sloppy Joes?


Any advice for all the pro-gaming hopefuls out there?

Practice everyday. Make smart moves that benefit your teams more than yourself. Remember, don’t give up, whether you’re a noob or veteran!