Player Name: Clutch
Real Name: Weston Price

Birth Date: December 23, 1989

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Current Team: Status Quo

First Event Attended: Dallas 2006 – 7th Round of Open Bracket
Number of Events Attended: 10
Best Placing: 3rd – Believe The Hype – Meadowlands 2009
Favorite Gametype: Oddball Guardian

Controller Settings: Inverted, 3 Sensitivity, Bumper jumper, Vibration Off

Other Favorite Competitive Games: NFL Blitz 2000, Madden, Gears of War, Halo 2, Shadowrun, Call of Duty

Hobbies: Hanging out, Watching movies


MLG: In last week’s Timeout, Demon D described the falling out between you and Believe the Hype from his perspective. Tell us what happened from your perspective?

Clutch: Going into Columbus, our team wasn’t getting along very well. We would argue during online scrims on a regular basis. It was frustrating that it happened every night, and a few times I even tried to leave for another team. I knew after Columbus something was going to change, but I was not sure who it was going to be. Seeing how Soviet played the best on our team, and Cloud was the captain, it came down to either Demon or I, and I guess Cloud chose to stick with Demon D. I did not get along with Demon at times, which started a lot of the arguments in our scrims – which is probably the main reason I am no longer with BtH.

MLG: Do you think that animosity amongst each other played a role in BtH’s 6th place performance in Columbus?

Clutch: The reason behind our 6th place finish at Columbus was that we never were on the same page as Soviet. Playing with Sypher and playing with Soviet were two different experiences. With Sypher, I knew where he was and what he was going to do in most situations. With Soviet, I didn’t. We were just on two different pages and I think that was a big reason behind our 6th place finish.

MLG: So then I guess the question is: Who will you be heading into Dallas with?

Clutch: I’m going into Dallas with Status Quo.

MLG: Are you excited to be a part of the team?

Clutch: Being on Status Quo is unlike any team I have ever been on. They are all extremely good at Halo, but outside of the game they’re all normal, cool people. It’s as if they were a group of friends that play Halo together – not a group of Halo players that became friends. I have a lot of fun hanging out with them and am extremely glad to be a part of a team that I enjoy playing with.

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MLG: What do you bring to Status Quo?

Clutch: I think the “New Status Quo” is going to be a lot more aggressive. I think of myself as someone who pushes up. I know I am not able to fill in Strongside’s slaying abilities, but I think we’ll be fine because now there’s a balance of objective and slaying.

MLG: What have you seen so far from the “New Status Quo?”

Clutch: So far scrims have gone great. We’ve played a lot of the top teams and we’ve done very well. The great thing is even though we are playing very well, I still see a lot of room for improvement.

MLG: What’s it like knowing you now have Status Quo’s infamous basement LAN as a practice ground now?

Clutch: It’s almost like I have died and gone to heaven. There are no worries, and all of the food and drinks anyone could want. Plus there are always people to play with. Coming from Tennessee, or as I call it: “The land of zero LANs”, to Chicago is extremely different. LAN’ing is a lot of fun and I think it’s a huge event as opposed to online play.

MLG: Tell us a little bit about the Summer LAN, which was held at your new teammate Totz’ house?

Clutch: the Summer LAN was a blast, and seeing all of my Halo friends outside of an event was great. At events we have to always be thinking of the tournament, so it was nice to see everyone hanging out and just having fun.

MLG: In your bio, you mentioned that you play Madden. What are your thoughts on MLG’s recent partnership with EA Sports, which will feature Madden 2010 at MLG Dallas?

Clutch: I think it brings a whole new crowd of fans to MLG, which is huge for the progress of the company. All of my roommates used to play Madden daily, so I’m sure they would be a lot more interested in seeing Madden being played over Halo. I can’t imagine how many people play Madden in the US, but I would bet that they outnumber the Halo players by a good amount.

MLG: Here are a few questions every Halo player can relate to. In your opinion, what’s the best way to warm-up?

Clutch: For me to warm up, I have to play a lot. It takes a few hours to be honest. If I don’t have that time then I play an Octagon, and when my snipe is on that means I’m warmed up.

MLG: Which would you rather have in your hands: sniper, rockets, or a custom power-up with only a BR?

Clutch: I would have to go with snipe because it’s the most exciting weapon and I like medals.

MLG: In your opinion, who is the strongest team in the league right now?

Clutch: I think the strongest team right now is Str8 Rippin. They have it all: the skill, the drive and the mentality that they are the best. I would be very surprised to see them slack off for Dallas, and I think they are going to play just as well as they did at Columbus.

MLG: That just about does it. Is there anything you’d like to add?

Clutch: I would like to give a shout out to my team, the fans, Onlymike, my friends, family, and everyone at the Summer LAN. Thank you guys and I will see you all at Dallas!