Player Name: Cloud
Real Name: Scott Holste Jr.
Birth Date: October 2nd, 1991
Hometown: Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Current Team:Instinct
First Event Attended: Chicago 2006
Number of Events Attended: 18
Best Placing: 1st – Believe the Hype – 2009 National Championship
Favorite Gametype: Narrows TS
Controller Settings: Walkie Talkie – 4 Sensitivity – Vibration: On
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Hobbies: Hanging with friends


MLG: It’s been over 2 months since you and the rest of Believe The Hype won the National Championship. What have you been up to since then?

Cloud: Well, I took a break from playing Halo seriously for a while and was doing other things. I got picked up by Instinct and we just started to practice seriously about two days ago. I think we’re going to be really good.

MLG: How did you end up on Instinct?

Cloud: After playing against Instinct in a few tournaments last year and dominating them every time I guess they thought I was good and decided they wanted to pick me up. (laughs)

MLG: At times, people take that confidence and joking from you as cockiness. Would you care to address that subject?

Cloud: I wouldn’t really say I’m cocky. I never really talk too much trash or point out certain players and just talk about how bad they are or anything; I actually think everybody is really good. It’s just that when I’m playing my game I’m really confident that I’m the better player.

Cloud put together a stunning performance in one of his first games in the new MLG FFA Halo 3 playlist

MLG: If you could improve one thing about your game, what would it be?

Cloud: This may sound kind of stupid, but my rockets are sometimes pretty bad.

MLG: Chris Puckett has the same problem. Back to your joining up on Instinct: you’ve pretty much been on Believe The Hype since the end of the Halo 2 era, aside from a short span at the end of the 2008 Season. How did it feel to let go of the name?

Cloud: I don’t mind it much since I am going to a better known team in Instinct. They already have all the recognition and everything, so it’s not that big of a deal giving the name up. I did like the team name Believe The Hype a lot though.

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MLG: Instinct has two National Champions, between you and Elamite, and arguably the best brotherly duo in Halo 3. However, Lunchbox and Roy have never won an event. Will this be their year?

Cloud: I’m pretty confident in saying we are definitely capable of winning a tournament and bringing them to their first tournament win. We can’t get too confident though; it is going to be really tough to win especially with all of these new good teams that have formed over the off-season.

MLG: Who is the biggest competition in the league right now? Why?

Cloud: Well, nobody really stands out. All the other top teams are just the same to me. I think it really just depends on how we are playing. I haven’t seen Str8 play much, but I’m sure they’re going to be good as well as TD. In my opinion, the team to watch this season is FB. I think they’re going to be good.

MLG: Do you think Final Boss will be better this season as opposed to last?

Cloud: First of all, I don’t even think FB was bad last season. They lost so many close Game 5s that could have had them placing a lot higher than they did. Even so, I still do think they are going to be better this season than the last; a big factor being that they get to practice a lot and it just seems like they are rejuvenated and want to win badly. FearItSelf has also stepped up his game recently.

MLG: That’s very true about the Game 5s. What can we expect from the new Instinct?

Cloud: It’s nice to play with Instinct because nobody really complains too much and everyone is really positive. I don’t think we are going to have a certain playstyle that really stands out, but I know that all of us will just do anything that we need to in order to win, and of course I can’t reveal the Instinct strategies.

MLG: Darn. Do you guys have any LANs scheduled before the opener?

Cloud: Yeah, we are LAN’ing against Carbon this coming weekend from Sat. to Monday night. LANs are always really fun and I’m not used to having them a lot. I have only LAN’ed twice before against other teams and I think it’s going to help us get a lot better as a team. It will also help get my individual game better.

MLG: Hopefully you can work on those poor rockets you spoke of earlier at the LAN. Speaking of Carbon, they recently lost Ghost and picked up StrongSide. What are your thoughts on that move?

Cloud: I think it will bring some more camaraderie to the team because he and Walsh are such good friends. That should help them out a lot and now they actually have a main sniper again.

MLG: How important do you think friendship is for a team to be successful?

Cloud: Friendship brings the trust issue into the game and trusting your teammates in game is a huge factor in being successful, so yes friendship does help. I mean obviously you are not going to team with people you just completely cannot get along with.

MLG: Some newer players might not see it so obvious and would rather team with players for points. With the Doritos Pro-Gaming Combine on the horizon, what would be one piece of advice you could give to an up and coming player?

Cloud: You have to have good communication if you want to do well. You can’t just call-out where other people are at on the map; you have to actually talk to your teammates. I’ve noticed that a lot of the amateur players have poor communication.

MLG: MLG just released the new v8 settings recently. What are your overall thoughts on the changes?

Cloud: Gametypes don’t really have that big of an effect on my play. I think all of the gametypes MLG uses are good enough to be played. I do like the addition of the Camo on Construct TS though. I think it’s going to be an important factor on how that gametype is played now. I have played it once and got Camo. It’s just so much fun running around on that map with it.

MLG: It will be really interesting to see how effective Camo is for sure. Well, thanks for your time. Do you have any closing comments?

Cloud: Shoutouts to my teammates, Oldspice, Clutch, Maniac, Totz and his family, and all of the Instinct fans — you guys are the best fans out there!

MLG: One last thing before you go: Will the forecast in Orlando be Cloudy with a chance of 4 shots?

Cloud: (laughs) I’d say so.