Player Name: Cloud
Real Name: Scott Holste Jr.
Birth Date: October 2, 1991
Hometown: Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Current Team:Believe The Hype
First Event Attended: Chicago 2006
Number of Events Attended: 14
Best Placing:3rd – Meadowlands 2009 – Believe The Hype
Favorite Gametype: Pit TS
Controller Settings: Walkie Talkie – 4 Sensitivity – Vibration On
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Halo 2
Hobbies: Cross-Country


MLG: First off, congratulations on your stellar performance in the Meadowlands. How did it feel to place in the Top 3 for the first time in 4v4 play?

Cloud: Well, you would think that placing in the Top 3 for the first time would feel great, which it does, but it was more of a disappointment knowing that we could have won the tournament.

MLG: Which leads me to my next question: What weighs heavier on your mind – The fact that you placed so high, or that you came so close to winning it all?

Cloud: Both. I see it as a good thing, because now I think that our team is viewed as a top team along with Sr8, tD, Instinct, and FB. It’s also a bad thing though, because we came so close to beating Instinct, and I think that if we would have beaten Instinct, we would have probably won because we would of had better attitudes playing against Triggers Down the second time.

MLG: Going into the event, did you know you were capable of defeating the teams you did, or did it come as a surprise?

Cloud: I knew that we could do as well as we did. Online, we would beat top teams by a lot. I knew that we were good, and I have never had a team that is good online and then does poorly at the tournament.

MLG: You defeated Triggers Down, who we all know went on to win the entire tournament. Does that frustrate you?

Cloud: No, I wouldn’t say that it frustrates me that they won; I’m happy for Heinz and Pistola. What does frustrate me is that if we were playing to our full potential, we could have beaten them a 2nd time.

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MLG: Why do you think Instinct was able to defeat BTH, but failed to defeat tD twice in a row? Did something happen up on the Main Stage, or do you feel as though Instinct was just better?

Cloud: I think the reason why Instinct beat us is because we made a few mistakes, which cost us two games. The reason why Instinct could not beat tD is because Triggers Down was on fire and just plain better.

MLG: If you could go back in time to the match with Instinct, what would you do differently?

Cloud: I remember near the end of the Onslaught CTF game Lunchbox was on our flag and I was our B side. I jumped onto our B box while I was weak trying to out-BR him. I died, and they ended up returning our last flag cap and winning. If I could go back in time I would have waited longer for my shields to recharge and then go and try to kill Lunchbox.

MLG: Introduce each member of BTH for those who may be unfamiliar.

Cloud: Clutch – Before this season everyone thought that he was really bad, but before teaming with him I knew he had the drive to do good and in the off-season he played a lot and got a lot better
D3M0N D – He placed pretty well last year getting Top 12 a few times, but for the most part, everyone thought he was an online warrior. I always thought that he was a sick player and just needed the right team to do well, so I picked him up.

MLG: Now as for Sypher?

Cloud: He had only been to one tournament before and he got Top 24. He was really good online, so I figured he couldn’t be bad on LAN. We ran games and everything went well.

MLG: What are some of the things that are different about BTH compared to Ambush?

Cloud: On Believe The Hype, we definitely practice a lot more. When I was on Ambush, we would barely ever practice, but with BtH, we try to practice every day.

MLG: What would you say is the strongest aspect of BTH’s game? And what about it makes it so strong?

Cloud: I’d say that us being super aggressive is the strongest aspect to our game. Sometimes we are so aggressive that it will catch other teams off guard. Also, having really good teamwork is one of our strong points.

MLG: Will Believe The Hype be sticking together for Columbus to give it another go?

Cloud: Believe The Hype will be back at Columbus, stronger than ever.