Player Name: Ace
Real Name: Aaron Elam
Birth Date: April 2nd, 1993
Hometown: Florence, Kentucky
Current Team:Status Quo
First Event Attended: Las Vegas 2005 (Top 20)
Number of Events Attended: 14
Best Placing: 9th (San Diego 2008 – Breaking Point – Overshield, Ace, Chig, InTheClutch)
Favorite Gametype: Guardian Oddball
Controller Settings: 4 Sensitivity, Default, Vibration
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Gears of War 2, Guitar Hero, Fallout 3, Call of Duty 4
Hobbies: Watching TV, Surfing the Web, Hanging out with Friends

MLG: How did you convince StrongSide to join Status Quo?

Ace: Well, I didn’t really have anything to do with it. From the WinterWonderLAN StrongSide watched me, Flamesword, and Totz play a lot. He thought we were pretty good there. When he figured out that Heinz left his team somehow it was brought up that he might potentially join our team. I guess he was thinking about it and one day he called us up and told us that he was going to join.

MLG: You and StrongSide live near each other; Do you have any LAN experience with him?

Ace: Yes, my brother and I sometimes go to his house and play a lot. We used to do that a lot, maybe every other week or so.

MLG: Why do you think he picked your team over his old team with Mackeo and Victory?

Ace: I think he saw a lot of potential in us from the WinterWonderLAN. He knew we were young up-and-coming players and he knew he could teach us a lot and make us one of the top teams.

MLG: What was your opinion of Status Quo during the 2008 season?

Ace: I never really watched them play until Toronto when they almost beat Ambush for top eight. I was really surprised when they were in that spot. To be honest they choked really hard and should have won. Then we played them in consolation at Toronto and destroyed them pretty easily. Then after we LAN’ed with them I noticed some good things from Totz and Flamesword. I made friends with them from the LAN before Dallas and then went to the WinterWonderLAN.

MLG: What are the strengths and weaknesses of Flamesword and Totz?

Ace: Since Totz has little experience and hasn’t played as much as other people (he hasn’t played any other Halos or anything), he needs to learn better decision making; that’s probably his weakness. Flamesword also doesn’t have that much experience. His weakness would be his decision making too.

MLG: Have you guys scrimmed any top teams?

Ace: We scrimmed Instinct and split games with them. We played FB at a LAN and split games with them, even though Mackeo wasn’t there. We practice every single night online pretty much.

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MLG: What was it like to coach Str8 Rippin in Vegas?

Ace: It was a lot of fun. I thought I did a good job. I coached my brother before and he got eighth place at Chicago in 2006. They knew I was a good coach and they asked me. I went to their LANs and practiced coaching. I got better as a coach.

MLG: What do you think you did differently than Lammie as a coach?

Ace: I think I honestly helped my brother out the most. It was really hard for the other people to hear me and I just focused on calling people out for my brother and I think I timed the OS and rockets a little bit better.

MLG: Do you think your brother’s status in the league helped propel you to the top faster?

Ace: Yeah, I think it did. Every single time my brother is playing and I’m not I’m watching him and trying to learn about what to do better in game. A lot of the times he teaches me and tells me what I’m doing wrong. I’ve learned a lot from him and now I think I play a lot like him.

MLG: What aspects of your game has your brother helped you with?

Ace: It would have to be my decision making. On a couple of maps he’s told me stuff to never do. Like for example, on Guardian, never lift up the Gold Lift because you put yourself right into the open and you can’t do anything to get out of it.

MLG: Having so much experience with Elamite, what do you think is the weakest aspect of his game?

Ace: I think the weakest aspect of his game would be his sniping. Sometimes he is on and doesn’t miss, but other times he can’t hit a shot.

MLG: Are you a better sniper than your brother?

Ace: Yeah, I’d say so.

MLG: Why did you leave your long time teammate Chig?

Ace: I actually didn’t leave him. After Dallas, Chig said that we’re going to stay together but Mudvayne wasn’t getting on a lot. We tried out Severince and that didn’t work out and then Severince and Tizoxic convinced Chig to leave. I didn’t leave.

MLG: Your mom has been attending a lot of the recent events. If you and your brother play each other, who would she root for?

Ace: Probably me. She hasn’t seen me do as well as my brother, but she wants us both to win.