A few spiffy tidbits from HBO and a few other sources:

  • The Macromedia Halo 2 RSS Feed contest has come to a close. Marshall, the writer of the signature used on our site, is in the running along with some heavy competitors. Run over there and check out some cool Stat Aggregators. (HBO)
  • G4TTV is Airing a show on Bungie Studios on Icons tonight at 10:30 ET / 7:30 PT (HBO)
  • A pretty interesting article, albeit jam-packed with n00b flavored jelly, was posted over at IGN yesterday that I totally missed. It discusses whether Halo 2 lived up to the hype or not. Head on over and check out the carnage of a response from IGN viewers. Oh man, between IGN’s writers and the viewers responses, I feel like I have just ran through a field bombed with napalm while being drenched in honey and chased by killer-bees. (HBO)
  • 1up.com has posted a look into Bungie’s past. So if you don’t know Bungie from Rockstar, read up and then pretend like you do. (HBO)
  • Gamesindusty.biz is reporting that ESPN will return to “premium pricing” with next generation console versions of their sports series. If you were unfamiliar with ESPN’s marketing scheme of $19.99 turn on your TV for five minutes and wait for a commercial.
  • Reuters is reporting that 2 video game retail employees in D.C. were arrested yesterday on charges of piracy after being busted selling modded console equipment.