Major League Gaming has been hosting serious showdowns in Bungie games for over a decade. As a final stop on the road to launch, they’ll welcome some of our killer elite to face each other on their livestream – in their own way.

This is your chance to witness the future of competitive play in the Crucible.

MLG Livestream

The game will be Supremacy, a best-of-five contest between two teams. Your hosts will be Chris Puckett, Michael Tash and Benson Bowe. We’re also sending Bungie Crucible Designers Lars Bakken and Derek Carroll to provide some expert developer commentary.

Here’s the line-up of combatants. It’s shaping up to be a tough room.

Alpha Team

  • Luminosity

  • Bodies

  • Viole

  • SirDimetrious

  • TripleWRECK

  • SayWallaHBruh

Bravo Team

  • nKutch

  • Lil Sonic

  • iFrostBolt

  • KJHovey

  • TrueVanguard

  • RealKraftyy

To those about to game, we salute you…