Triggers Down was simply stellar at MLG Orlando, dominating the competition and going down in the record books as the first team besides Final Boss, Str8 Rippin or Carbon to win an MLG Halo competition since August 2005. They made a major statement in Orlando and shook almost every fan’s perceptions of the best teams to the core, leaving a laundry list of defeated top teams in their wake. MLG sat down with the new champs to capture their reaction and see what it meant to them to reach such great heights.

MLG: Congratulations! How does it feel to become only the 4th different team to win an event since 2005?

FearItSelf: Feels amazing.

Snipedown: Good Answer! (laughs)

Hysteria: It’s hard to describe it. You don’t really know how to react.

SK: Thanks, it feels great. I remember watching the three other teams win and just wishing that would be me some day.

Snipedown: Before we came into this event, we knew we could win if we were all playing our best, but being the 4th team ever to win is indescribable.

Triggers Down celebrates their first ever circuit win.

MLG: What do you think was the biggest reason behind the teams success?

Snipedown: I would definitely have to say our motivation going into this event. We all wanted to prove that we were one of the best teams, and we knew this was the event to prove it.

FearItSelf: We were so motivated to win and prove people wrong, and we all were playing really good.

SK: We also wanted to prove that Victory X and Instinct made a HUGE mistake!

Snipedown: (laughs)

FearItSelf: Thanks Mackeo. (laughs)

MLG: The energy from the crowd was amazing in Orlando. How did it feel to have all of those people chanting your names?

Snipedown: The energy from the crowd kept us pumped the whole day. We all remained calm and whenever anyone did anything sick, the crowd would let the other team know. They demoralized the other team for us.

FearItSelf: It was so unexpected. I never knew we even had that many fans. It definitely made us feel really good to know we had people on our side for once instead of everyone rooting for Str8.

Snipedown: I love our fans and I hope they all show up to Toronto.

MLG: That was the best crowd we’ve ever seen at an event.

Snipedown: Definitely.

Hysteria: I’ve never had so many fans. It was just amazing how every time you did something sick, they let your opponents know.

FearItSelf: Hopefully it’s the thing to do now. Come on people, hop on the TD band wagon. (laughs)

SK: All I have to say is the tD fans are the best in the league. The way they make you feel after you pull off a sick play is amazing.

FearItSelf: I want the whole crowd doing that at Toronto.

The enthusiasm showed by the main stage crowd was at an all-time high.

MLG: The people chanting “Str8″ couldn’t compete with the volume of the TD fans.

Snipedown: No way.

SK: People chanted Str8?

Snipedown: Our crowd was so intimidating.

MLG: Moving on though, after you dropped the first series of the Finals to Str8 Rippin, what happened that made you come out with such ferocity in the second series?

SK: Onslaught CTF happened.

Snipedown: We kept telling ourselves that this was our tourney to win and that we would let them know it. We knew that we had come that far and there was no way we were going to settle for 2nd place.

FearItSelf: Well, after T2 stood up, walked over, and started yelling “Do you want to win. Do you want to win!!!!” I was like “Ok, I’m sending this kid home”.

Hysteria: There was no way we were letting T2 win again.

Snipedown: (laughs)

SK: We were just so pumped after the first 3 caps. The momentum just kept rolling and transferred to the other two games.

MLG: Before we move on, tell us about how the LAN with FB went.

Snipedown: The LAN went great. I strongly believe that this was the main reason we got 1st place. Without this preparation for the event, we wouldn’t have been as ready.

Hysteria: It was the best practice we could have gotten. I saw the biggest improvement in our team compared to every other LAN I have had before.

MLG: Alright, so for obvious reasons, you’re not allowed to answer this one Snipedown. So now that you have an event under your belt with SnipeDown, Is it safe to say that you’re happy with the transaction?

FearItSelf: Thanks Mackeo. That’s all I have to say.

Hysteria: Hell yeah, what more could we want from someone?

SK: I am very happy. He brings a certain energy that just wasn’t there before.

MLG: The match against Instinct was one of the most anticipated series we saw all weekend. EVERYONE was looking forward to it, but no one thought it would actually happen because of the brackets. What went through your heads when you first found out it was actually going to happen?

Snipedown: When I found out this match was going to happen, I was jumping up and down. Before I found out about the match though, I was telling my team I was going to lose a match on purpose to match up against them (laughs). I knew i had a lot to prove against them, just to show them I wasn’t the weak link on the team and to show them that I played for the team and not for stats.

FearItSelf: I was so pumped once I found out. We all were ready to just prove how dumb of a move they had made.

Hysteria: We had been ready for that match since the night we picked up Snipedown, we were so ready to send them into Losers.

MLG: Members of Instinct were quoted with saying some pretty harsh things prior to Orlando. For example: “I think the match we’re most looking forward to is between us and Triggers Down. We want to shut Snipedown down.” – Lunchbox. With that said, how did it feel to 3-0 them?

Snipedown: I could write a paragraph on this one, but all I have to say is that they got what they deserved.

Hysteria: Mackeo wanted to talk trash on the forums, we had to put him in line.

Snipedown: Like Mackeo said before: “If we lose to them, I will eat my words”.

SK: It was a great feeling. All they did was bad mouth our team before this event. I decided to stay out of it and let our placing speak for its self.

FearItSelf: Let’s just say Mackeo went on about out placing me every event on the forums before hand. I doubt he will put himself into that situation again after getting completely dominated by another 1st place team he created.

TD showed their feelings for Instinct as Faruq announced them during their match up.

MLG: Alright, as much as I’m sure you’d like to go on, enough about Instinct. Are you guys taking a little break before Toronto, or getting right back to practicing?

Snipedown: Were going to get right back into it, we want to get first place again.

FearItSelf: I have been on for the past two days playing. I have freed up everything in my life for Halo. I want to get back into it.

Hysteria: Our break is basically over.

SK: Our trip home on the plane was our break.

MLG: Any plans for a pre-event LAN yet?

FearItSelf: We’re going to LAN we just don’t know when and where yet, as well as who we’ll play.

SK: Most likely something at Fear’s. We will try and set up a LAN, but we don’t know who.

MLG: Besides Str8 Rippin, which of the teams that you 3-0’d gave you the biggest challenge?

SK: Chig.

Snipedown: CHIIIIIIIG.

FearItSelf: Honestly, I think the Classic series was the closest, score wise.

Hysteria: Classic. We had to play out all the games with Classic.

SK: Classic. They also had a lot to prove, but they just didn’t get the practice they wanted to in. If they had practiced a bit more they might have placed better.

FearItSelf: Just say Classic was our closest and instinct was our easiest. (laughs)

Will Triggers Down be able to repeat at Toronto?

MLG: Anything you guys want to add? Here’s you chance.


SK: I want to thank all the fans at Orlando and even the ones at home watching VOD. They bring lots and lots of positive energy to our team.

Hysteria: Big thanks to Mackeo for giving us our “golden ticket” to 1st.

FearItSelf: I want to thank all our fans from Orlando, you guys were amazing. Everyone going to Toronto should try and one up the TD fans from Orlando and make it an even better event to be a part of and watch. Oh and… THANKS MACKEO!!!!!