By TheVanGogh

On fire, in the zone, unconscious, or whatever your word for it is, every Halo player knows what it’s like to be so dialed in that it feels like the controller is an extension of your hands. When that sensation takes over a Halo pro, it can have devastating effects. Take a look at five of the best performances of 2010.

5. Pistola, your 2010 MVP, savagely slaughters his opposition in this Pit CTF match. He is even so gracious as to capture a flag for his team en route to a dazzling 43-22 performance that looked like he was schooling kids at a local LAN center. Keep in mind, this is a Championship Match.

4. This moment was one of our Top Halo Finishes of 2010, and this gameplay from Goofy is well-deserving of an individual performance honor as well. If you’re looking for instant gratification, skip ahead to his famous no-scope, but you’ll be missing an all-around solid performance by this young rising star—and in a pressure situation, to boot.

3. Only two games after Pistola taught us how to dominate Pit CTF, Fearitself gave us a slaying seminar on Guardian Oddball. The cliché “one-man wrecking crew” comes to mind watching this video, as he roams the map destroying everything in his path. From cleanup kills to snipes requiring surgical precision, Fearitself does it all in this game.

2. Here’s another stellar performance from Pistola, this time making it look easy on Heretic CTF. On the biggest of stages, time and time again he proves his mettle with a sure shot and sly wit. If there was a Halo stat for Out-BRs, he would have earned an astronomical number for this game.

1. In this day and age, where it is common for rapid fluctuations among Halo’s elite, Cloud has become a beacon of consistency. This gameplay comes from the Orlando Championship Match, and was vital to his unprecedented third consecutive tournament victory. Although it may be obsolete now, this game serves as a blueprint for the proper way to play Amplified TS, which is… shoot everything and stay alive.

What makes these five games so special is not just their incredible gameplay, but also the situations in which these players were able to achieve that level of play. Any old Joe Warrior can “stat hoard” his way to a positive 30 kill/death spread and declare himself a Halo god, but it takes a truly extraordinary player to be able to duplicate that performance on the Main Stage, in front of hundreds of spectators. Far from the comforts of their living rooms, these players dazzled audiences with their amazing skills.

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