By Reece Flexner

Not every tournament needs top-tier players to be entertaining. In fact, the organizers of the Rumble in the Bronze think just the opposite. They contest that watching two bronze leaguers butt heads at 15 APM can be every bit as fun as watching a GSL Finals, and they have over $20,000 in donations to charity to prove it.

The idea started in 2010 when two struggling bronze league players on the Penny Arcade forums, JoeK and HLPRMONKY, who were goaded into a live broadcast show match for the fun and amusement of others. As support for event grew, the organizers decided to use it as a platform for a donation drive to Child's Play, a charity that raises money to give toys and games to children in hospitals. To help promote the event, they managed to wrangle Geoff Robinson (Incontrol) as a host, and made him promise to be merciless in his aspersions towards the participants. The event was a success, and the organizers managed to raise over $3,300 in donations.

This past weekend, the second iteration of the Rumble took place. The team of ten organizers, who hail from four different countries and all regions of the US, decided to kick it up a notch and hold an all-out noob extravaganza. Incontrol got into it with the players this time, taking on  four bronzies at once, and Anna Prosser made her StarCraft 2 stream debut. There was normal bronze-on-bronze action as well, with some matches spiced up by an added twist of the casters being able to force the players to switch bases at their whim. The crazy antics, all hilariously cast by Incontrol and Shawn Murphy "Segeur," inspired viewers to donate over $15,000 over just a few hours.

The VODs of the event are up, and the donation line is still open, with donations now reaching $18,000. So if you want to partake in the zaniness, you can head to the Rumble in the Bronze Twitch page, and if you enjoy it enough to donate, or feel like donating anyway, you can visit the link on the event's main site.