As you may have already heard, the MLG Pro Circuit Controller is coming. And yes; it will change the way you game.

Now that the (Mad) Cat(z) is out of the bag, we wanted to take some time to clarify a few things and really explain all of the awesome features that are going to make this controller the only one you will ever need.  As far as we’re concerned, no one has managed to master the controller yet. We’ve seen the attempts, learned from their mistakes, and we’ve put together what we believe to be the ultimate high-end gaming controller.

Perhaps most importantly of all, select MLG staff members and a number of our pro players have been involved in the testing and design process every step of the way. We are well aware of the issues that have plagued controllers in the past, and we are determined to ensure that none of them are present in the MLG Pro Circuit Controller.

Now, let’s take a look at exactly what makes the MLG Pro Circuit Controller so great.

The Best of Both Worlds

One of the most important goals for the device was to create something customizable. We know that there is no such thing as a perfect configuration. Every single player has his or her own unique take on what feels right.

With that in mind, we worked together with Mad Catz to come up with the ProModule system. This groundbreaking feature will allow you to swap the components of your controller as you see fit. You can freely move around the thumbsticks and D-pad to your liking, allowing your controller to mimic the layout of both the PS3 and 360 stock controllers.

Perhaps even more excitingly, you can mix and match these components. Every single MLG Pro Circuit Controller will include both 360 and PS3 style thumbsticks and D-pads. Want to play Xbox 360 with a PS3 D-pad? Go for it. Want to play your PS3 with your sticks in the 360 layout? Why not? With the MLG Pro Circuit Controller, you can play every game you own exactly the way you want.

Extreme Makeover: Controller Edition

In need of a change? The MLG Pro Circuit Controller features easily-swappable, magnetic faceplates. It comes with both a matte and glossy black faceplate, letting you choose your style right from the get-go. From there, more faceplates will be available to purchase, allowing you to make your controller as unique as you are. The side panels of the controller are magnetic and replaceable as well, and you'll get the matte and glossy versions of each when you purchase the controller.

Get a Grip

With something that you hold in your hand for hours at a time, having a good grip is important. The sides of the MLG Pro Circuit Controller are coated with a rubberized substance designed to prevent your hands from slipping during intense gaming sessions. We were also fed up with the grooves on the side of the stock controller that tend to collect gunk and dig into your palms, so we removed them from our controller. You're welcome!

Weight for It…

For a lot of gamers, the weight of a controller makes a huge difference. How many players have you seen with a rumble pack in their N64 controller or a memory card in their Xbox controller just for the weight? In order to ensure every player feels as comfortable as possible with the device, we’ve added a special compartment in the rear that will allow you to adjust the weight to your liking. This will allow you to have your controller feel and weigh more like a standard wired controller, or feel closer to a wireless controller, even giving you that raised section where the battery pack normally sits.

Accessorize Me, Cap’n

As we mentioned previously, we believe the key to a great controller is customization. In order to truly allow every player to get what they want out of the MLG Pro Circuit Controller, nearly every key part of it can be easily replaced with a number of unique replacements. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the pieces you’ll be able to swap out:

  • Thumbsticks: Want them longer? Want a different tension? These options will be available.
  • Thumbpads: Some players are used to buying brand new controllers once their thumbpads start to wear down–no more. The MLG Pro Circuit Controller will allow you to swap out thumbpads whenever you like. Additional shapes, different indentations, and sizes will be available for purchase.
  • Cables: A good cable is the key to a long-lasting electronic. The MLG Pro Circuit Controller features a braided cable that securely screws into the top. The cable can be removed easily, ensuring you’ll never have to wrap it around your controller again. We’re starting you out with a three meter ProCable, but additional sizes and colors will be available for purchase.

Take a Look Inside… It’s my Controller in a Box!

Below is a list of exactly what you will receive when purchasing either the MLG Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 controller. 

  • The MLG Pro Circuit Controller
  • Two Playstation 3-style ProModule thumbsticks
  • Two Xbox 360-style ProModule thumbsticks
  • Xbox 360-style ProModule D-pad
  • Playstation 3-style ProModule D-pad
  • Three meter ProCable
  • Matte faceplate
  • Glossy faceplate
  • Matte and Glossy left panel plate
  • Matte and Glossy right panel plate
  • Weight compartment with 70 grams of weight
  • Carrying case for the MLG Pro Circuit Controller, ProCable, and all of your accessories

Premium Product, Premium Price

So, what is this incredible controller going to cost you? Well, to be honest, we simply don’t know yet. We’re still crunching the numbers and trying to figure out exactly what the final price will be. Rest assured, it will not cost you $160.00.

Will this be the most you’ve ever paid for a controller? Probably. But with the ability to replace individual components quickly and easily, the days of purchasing a new controller every couple of months are over. We hope you’ll agree that the features we’ve included and the durability of the controller are well worth the final price.

A Few Quick FAQs

Will the MLG Pro Circuit Controller work on both my Xbox 360 and Playstation 3?

Yes and no. We will be selling two versions of the MLG Pro Circuit Controller: a Playstation 3 version and an Xbox 360 version. Because of some restrictions, the controller is not cross-console compatible, meaning your Xbox 360 controller will not work on your Playstation 3. However, because of the ProModule system, you will be able to swap your thumbsticks and d-pad to your heart’s desire.

What accessories will be available at launch?

A large number of accessories will be available for purchase right from the start, with many more coming shortly after launch. Further details on exactly what will be available at launch will be announced soon.

Will my favorite thumbstick or thumbpad shape/style/texture be available?

The accessories available for the controller will depend quite a bit on the reaction from you, the community. We want to know exactly what you want to see available for your controller. If you’re going to be at MLG Raleigh, make sure you stop by the Mad Catz booth to give your input on exactly what type of accessories you want to see made available.

What about the MLG Tournament Edition FightStick?

The MLG Tournament Edition FightStick is available is available for pre-order in either the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 version today for $159.99.

So What's Next? When Can I Get One?

We're still working on a few final touches on the pricing and marketing side, but it won't be long before you can get your very own MLG Pro Circuit Controller. In the meantime, come out to MLG Raleigh this weekend (August 26th-28th) and be one of the first fans to get your hands on the new controller. Head over to the Mad Catz booth where you'll find the controller and a few members from the team who are responsible for it. Be sure to come ready with your suggestions for accessories and your feedback so far. Who knows? You might even get a chance to try it out.

See you all in Raleigh!