The Lifted and Hanz’ Hotdogs were just pitted against one another for the right to move into Winners Bracket Round 4. With notable names such as LegendJRG, Hokum, Cpt. Anarchy and KGB Soviet, the outcome came as a surprise to many. Hanz’ Hotdogs went on to send The Lifted into the Losers Bracket by a final tally of 2-0. However, the final score is no reflection on how hard-fought this match was.

In Game 1, Narrows Team Slayer, Hanz’ Hotdogs started off strong as they mounted a 10-5 lead. The Lifted were eventually able to mount a strong comeback, narrowing the margin to a mere three kills at 18-21. Consistent slaying, coupled with solid teamwork led HH to a 50-37 victory over The Lifted in Game 1.

This match was a slugfest throughout its entirety, and Game 2 was a true testament to that. Taking place on Construct Team King, Hanz’ Hotdogs and The Lifted split time pretty evenly throughout the first four hill spawns. The Lifted then kicked it up a notch, bringing the score to 183-141 in their favor. Despite The Lifted being on top of power weapons and hill changes, HH made a last-minute comeback to win the match 250-224. Hanz’ Hotdogs will now move into Winners Bracket Round 4. Stay tuned for further updates as the bracket progresses.