The Lifted, consisting of Hokum, KGB Soviet, Cpt. Anarchy and bradfox, entered into Winners Bracket Round 1 to face the relatively-unknown Kill Switch. The best-of-three series was short, quick, and to the point. Here’s a game-by-game breakdown of the match.

Game 1 – Team Slayer – The Pit

Kill Switch started the match seemingly well, but The Lifted were quick to turn the game around in their favor. The Lifted put four opponents down and proceeded to move into their side of the map. From there, the domination began. The seemingly relentless spawn trap continued throughout match, until The Lifted took it home by way of a 50-18 victory. Soviet racked up a 15-3 kill-to-death spread, closely followed by 14 and 13 kills from Hokum and bradfox.

Game 2 – King of the Hill – Construct

Kill Switch moved into the hill directly after the game commenced and subsequently paid the price for doing so. The Lifted racked up a quick 70-17 point lead with their superb coaching from JT Bravo and amazing communication between one another. Cpt. Anarchy came huge, at one point pulling off a successive triple kill and killing frenzy from the top of gold lift. The Lifted went on to win the game and match in a matter of four total hill changes.

Congratulations to The Lifted as they advance into Winners Bracket Round 2.