So earlier this week we released Max Hoberman’s response to the questions asked by the MLG forum about a month ago. There has been quite a response to these questions on our forums and on other Halo community sites. HBO was one of these sites, when Hawaiian Pig and XLNC started a poll to define what people’s favorite Halo:CE and PC maps really are. Due to insecure voting, Wu took down the poll and put up a much more secure one on his homepage. This poll, while not ‘official’, is probably the closest you will get to having your voice heard on what Halo 1 maps are ported to Halo 2. So, head over there and vote!

-Currently Hang’em High is in 1st with Sidewinder in 2nd. Hang’em would be great, but Sidewinder? Come on, get your butt over there and vote!