Final Boss reclaimed the Halo 2 throne at MLG Chicago in dominating fashion. Let’s take a waltz through their blitzkrieg-like tourney together, shall we?

StrongSide and the rest of Final Boss had a very busy weekend at MLG Chicago. Besides competing in the Halo 2 4v4 event, each member of Final Boss participated in at least one other event. StrongSide, OGRE 2 and Walshy all fought for points in the Pro FFA.

The OGREs continued to give a few lucky fans a chance to compete with them over at the Gamestop booth.

OGRE 2 and Walshy teamed up with OneEye and eXt to form STK in the Shadowrun tourney. Bringing back the old-school name and dominating as always, they tore through the competition en route to the inaugural MLG Shadowrun Pro Circuit title. They dropped only one game the entire tournament, reminiscent of the Halo 2 STK team in 2005.

FB tore through the first rounds of the Championship 4v4, not dropping a game in their first two series.

In the Winners Bracket Semifinals, Final Boss faced their first challenge in 5K. They dropped a game for the first time, but took the series 3-1.

Str8Rippin, on the other half of the bracket, continued to roll. They upset Carbon 3-0 much to the surprise of almost everybody in attendance and watching on MLG Live.

Str8Rippin brought their momentum into Game 1 of the WB Finals series, taking Warlock CTF. But the momentum shifted in Game 2, where FB squeaked out 50-49 Midship TS victory and rolled through the rest of the games, sending Str8 to the Losers Bracket by a count of 3-1.

With Carbon ousted, Str8Rippin and FBI The Agency would duke it out for a spot in the Finals. FBI fought hard but was no match for the new Str8 lineup who beat them 6-3 and rolled into the Finals down 3-1 to Final Boss.

The score says it all. An entire tournament played with just two games dropped. Despite all their other activities during the weekend, Final Boss showed they were not distracted or affected. Four tournaments into the season, FB have three titles and one second-place finish.
Check out the Championship 4v4 bracket.

StrongSide and the rest of the FB crew have everything to smile about. They are the clear favorites to win every tournament in which they enter. It will be interesting to see if Str8Rippin and other up-and-coming teams can contest Final Boss for their throne as the National Championships draw closer.