For Super Str8 Sick, the realization of winning the 2010 BIC® Flex4™ Live FFA Finals at Dallas was almost too much to handle.

“When there was about 1:30 left, I knew I pretty much had it in the bag. I was really excited. I wanted to just stop playing right then,” Str8 Sick later said.

Str8 Sick may freely admit to having difficulty containing his excitement; however, he’d be the last to label it premature—and rightfully so. As the first player to join the BIC® Flex4™ Elite, way back at the 2010 opener in Orlando, the tension of the final moments of the game paled in comparison to the nearly seven months of waiting that he’d endured before he got his chance to compete on the MLG Main Stage at the National Championships. Be sure to check out Super Str8 Sick’s $2,500 performance in the first-ever BIC® Flex4™ Live FFA Season Finals in the rebroadcast video below.

Super Str8 Sick, winner of the Orlando BIC® Flex4™ Live FFA, came full circle with his win at the Season Finals in Dallas.

2010 BIC® Flex4™ Live FFA Finals Results:

Place Player Kills Qualified At
1st Super Str8 Sick 69 Orlando
2nd Krunchy 63 Dallas
3rd Amish Acorns 62 Dallas
4th Phenom 60 Dallas
5th zNightmare 56 D.C.
6th Mikwen 54 Raleigh
7th Suddoth 1 49 Dallas
8th Hunter Jjx 45 Columbus