MLG: So first off, congratulations to all of you. What does winning the first event of ’09 mean to you personally?

SK: It meant a lot to me. After making such a drastic change with our team it was nice to see it was a good decision.

Pistola: Thanks, it felt great to win!

Hysteria: It’s great after 5 months of practicing and coming off of a bad Vegas placing. And the way we won made it so much more exciting.

Heinz: Yeah we had a bad Vegas placing too – real bad. This was my first event win and it was amazing. Coming through Losers like that so easily was a lot of fun. We practiced a lot for this and it’s nice to know that it paid off.

MLG: It seemed as though you struggled to find your groove at the beginning of the tournament. What happened in between Saturday and Sunday?

Heinz: BtH beating us was more of a wakeup call than anything. It showed that we really needed to step it up and show everyone what we were really capable of and we did it all on Sunday.

Hysteria: We weren’t really energized at the tourney until after we lost on Saturday. Then, our series against VG really set the tone for Sunday.

SK: Really, we were just playing average against BtH. After we lost it was really just a wakeup call and we realized that if we wanted to make it to the finals, we need to step it up, and that’s exactly what we did.

Pistola: I don’t think we took it as serious until we lost Winners Bracket Round 2. Then we stepped it up!

Triggers Down displayed incredible resilience as they bounced back from an early loss to win the first event of 2009.

MLG: More specifically, what happened in the match against Believe the Hype?

Hysteria: We were just playing bad.

Heinz: We weren’t playing well as a team. We didn’t do anything together and BtH took advantage.

Pistola: 4 hours of sleep happened.

Heinz: Same here.

Hysteria: I didn’t sleep for 3 days actually. Weird, huh?

Heinz: Pistola doesn’t sleep, so I don’t know what he’s trying to pull

Team: (laughs)

MLG: So do you think BTH is the real deal, or did they just catch you off guard?

SK: I personally do. I know they were probably the hardest working team. We would have trouble finding teams online to practice against and they were always there, ready to practice. I think they just came prepared and a lot of other teams didn’t.

Heinz: I think they’re a solid team and caught everyone off guard. Clutch really impressed me and I’m glad he is finally where he should be; but they won’t be in the Top 3 at Columbus. I’d say Top 8 is where they’ll be at.

Hysteria: Well I think that our series against them Sunday really showed what was up. We beat them 5-1, and it really wasn’t that much of a problem at all. I don’t think they will be seeing the Top 3 again, but they will place pretty well.

MLG: This tournament was a little bit like last season – where you came back to win 2 series in a row in the Finals. How do you stay motivated and overcome odds like that? Even though Heinz and Pistola weren’t on TD back then, feel free to jump in here. You two are no strangers to comebacks.

Pistola: (laughs) Ambush vs. Str8 Game 5 Pit TS!

Heinz: Well Pistola and I weren’t there for that tournament, but the hard part was the road to the finals – beating literally every team in the Top 8 except Status Quo. We knew once we got to the finals that we were going to win. We’re really confident in playing Instinct.

Hysteria: Well, we knew that we were the best team, and that we could come back and win. It was just us taking it one game at a time, we LAN’ed twice and we’re used to playing a lot of games. Well, if you call seven a lot.

SK: Well, when you make it to the finals you don’t really look at it like two series, because you go to LANs and play all day. So, what we did was just take it one game and one series at a time and before we knew it, it was Narrows CTF and we were planting the last flag cap.

MLG: So SK, one of the best photos of the weekend was the shot of you pointing to the sky directly after winning. Explain to us exactly what that meant?

SK: I just wanted to thank God for an amazing tournament.

MLG: And an amazing tournament it was. But let’s talk about the new line-up for a moment. SK and Hysteria – What do Heinz and Pistola bring to the team this time around?

Hysteria: Skill

Team: (laughs)

Pistola: Thanks, Jacob

Hysteria: But really, usually it was only me and SK doing the objective work, but Heinz really took that over, and I finally had someone to run around and slay with me in Pistola.

SK: They just made us a well rounded team. They brought a slaying ability and the ability to get the objective done. Basically what Hysteria and I had before teaming with them.

By winning MLG Meadowlands, Triggers Down took over the top spot amongst Halo 3’s pro rankings.

MLG: How has TD’s playstyle changed from 2008 to 2009 as a whole then?

Hysteria: We haven’t really changed much. We just out skill teams now that we have four amazing players.

SK: We definitely just have raw talent now, but at the same time we are able to get the objective done – even when the other team has more players alive.

MLG: Pistola and Heinz – What do you like best about being on TD?

SK: SK – he’s a great guy

Hysteria: (laughs)

Pistola: SK, Hysteria, and Heinz are great people and I love teaming with them. We manage to have fun in the middle of games at tournaments, and I think this is going to be our team all season!

Heinz: It is the most fun I’ve ever had on a team. SK and Hysteria are both amazing players, but they are a lot of fun to team with which makes it easier to win and why I really enjoy it. We all get along very well and they are both really funny guys.

MLG: To wrap things up, how will you be preparing for Columbus?

Hysteria: We’re going to be LAN’ing twice and trying to take our online practice as serious as we can.

Heinz: We’ve taken the past week off but we’re going to get back into it this week a bit and gradually practice more and more as the event gets closer.

SK: We are going to start practicing really early with the possibility of two LANs. We’re just going to pretend that Meadowlands never happened and we still have something to prove.

MLG: Any idea who the LANS may be with yet?

Heinz: Pistola is making sure we LAN with Status Quo

SK: We still need to talk about what two teams we are considering.

MLG: One more time, congratulations to you all – And we’ll see you in Columbus!