Wowza. After a 3 hour long marathon of Halo 2 tonight, I figured I would sit down with all of you for a bit before I head off to that triptaphane heaven known as Thanksgiving.

  • Sony’s 2004 Holiday demo disk that shipped last week in Playstation Underground reportedly deletes all data off of your memory cards due to a glitch in the Viewtiful Joe 2 Demo. Some players were surprised to find that their memory cards were wiped clean by the demo and reported it to Sony. Sony’s rep stated in an email to Playstation Underground subscribers: “”please remove your Memory Card(s) from your PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system before you load the Holiday 2004 Demo Disc.” Hehe. Owned. Thanks Gamespot

  • South Korea has banned Ghost Recon 2 due to controversial materal. You wouldn’t believe what North Korea said.
  • Halo has been inducted into the Walk of Game which was announced earlier today. Congrats Halo:CE!
  • Gamespy has released some new GT4 Pics

Now go eat some Turkey!