To the joy of the huge crowd at the main stage, Bungie kindly lent the upcoming Halo 3 map Blackout to an exhibition match, which featured members of Final Boss, MLG personalities and even a Bungie employee. The Lockout remake looked sharp and should make a nice addition to the competitive set of Halo 3 maps.

The Blackout exhibition

Final Boss split in two, with Walshy and Strongside on one team, while the Ogres formed the core of the other. Joining Walshy and Strongside were MLG co-founder Sundance and MLG’s commentator, Puckett. The Ogres employed MLG game tester and tournament director Nexy and Bungie-man Luke. The game was free-ranging and close throughout. While it was a bit bizarre to see Lockout with bubble shields and power regenerators, the map definitely translated well to Halo 3.

The Ogre squad held a slim margin as the game hit the 40s, but Team WalshSide proved too strong. Up 49-48, Sundance finished Luke for the winning kill. Walshy put up the game’s best statistics, netting 18 kills to just 10 deaths. Ogre 1 led his team with an 18-14 effort.

Sundance snagged the last kill

Many thanks to Bungie for previewing the map. We can’t wait for it to hit Xbox 360s the world over!