Team Classic just took on Devastation UK in a Winners Bracket Round 3 matchup. Following some really solid online experience under TC’s belt leading up to the event, they’ve put on impressive performances thus far in the competition. This match was no different.

Game 1 on Team Slayer Narrows started off relatively close as both teams traded kills. TC then took complete control of the center of the map and slowly began to press forward. Each member picked up kills until their opponents were eventually trapped deep in their own spawning space. Fear was a big player in Game 1 as he put up 17 kills en route to a 50-38 victory.

Construct Team King was Game 2, and it ended up being significantly closer than the previous round. Everyone from Team Classic racked up time throughout this round, but always in small increments. Time limits, rather than score limits were the deciding factor here as TC took the game by a 228-175 victory. Congratulations to TC as they advance into Winners Bracket Round 4.