The full player list for the Winter Arena has been posted. (Warning: there be spoilers). We have one change to announce, however. We were recently informed that Artist will not be able to attend the Arena. To fill his spot, we ran a consolation bracket on the North American ladder, so that the players who were eliminated in the last round before Arena Qualification could vie for the position. The players were: Killer, Ostojiy, Illusion, and DeMuslim.

In Round 1, Ostojiy beat Killer 2-1 and DeMuslim beat Illusion 2-1. In Round 2, DeMuslim soundly defeated Ostojiy 2-0, so our new Arena player will be none other than DeMuslim!

We’re of course very disappointed that Artist cannot make it, but we couldn’t be happier to see DeMuslim in the Arena. Get yourself a pass and watch him play for $26k and a shot at the Championship Bracket at the Winter Championships in Columbus!