Want to support your favorite team, community or caster, while watching a ton of great StarCraft 2? So do we. That’s why we’ve started the MLG Referral Program: a way to give money directly to the people who make eSports happen. Here’s how it works.

The Winter Arena, on Feb 23-25, can only be watched by purchasing a PPV pass for $20. That pass gets you full access to the Premium Experience page, where five streams will be running all throughout the Arena, broadcasting every game from the tournament in ad-free HD and bringing you interviews and behind-the-scenes looks at the players. If you buy your pass through one of the partners in our Referral program, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to them. It’s a great way to give back to all of the people who’ve made StarCraft 2 what it is.

Many local communities and Barcrafts are involved in the Referral Program, and we’ll be adding more all the time. Check back often as we add more and more names to this list. Here are some of the biggest partners we’re currently working with:

Casters and Teams

BarCrafts and LANs

Support your favorite teams, casters and communities! Watch their streams on twitch.tv, and buy your PPV pass by clicking any of the links above; part of your money will go directly to them.


Want to promote great StarCraft 2 and support yourself in the process? The Referral Program is currently accepting applications! Please email lchen@mlgpro.com for more information.