Get a behind-the-scenes look at the decisions that went into MLG's brand new 2012 Season structure, and a lot more, with this in-depth interview with  MLG's CEO and Co-Founder, Sundance DiGiovanni. An exerpt:

"The great thing about last year was all the growth we saw. One of the things that we weren’t happy with, was the fact that we had these big gaps in competition. This year we’ve done a lot to try and address that. We’re starting out right away. January 31 we open up with the online qualifier portion. We’re taking a brand new approach to it. We want to go global with what we’re doing this year, so the first thing that’s going to be different about it is that we’re taking StarCraft II and focusing on the server regions. We have the three main server regions where eight players from each are going to qualify. They’re going to play their way in to this arena competition. Then the top eight finishers from our Providence Championship, which was obviously a huge success, will also be part of this."

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