Stride® Gum is back for the 2011 Pro Circuit! Fans of the Last Longer series will be excited to learn that the instructional video series will return as part of Stride’s 2011 program. Serving as your Last Longer instructors will be the Stride® Gum sponsored players:

  • OGRE2: League veteran and long-time member of Halo: Reach pro team, Final Boss
  • Lunchbox: Widely heralded as one of the best objective players in Halo history
  • Naded: An individual powerhouse throughout the Halo series
  • LiquidTyler: One of the best StarCraft 2 players in North America
  • Hastro: A mega-star in the Call of Duty community

Naded is thrilled to return as a Stride® Gum sponsored player for 2011 and had this to say: “Thanks to Stride® Gum for being such a strong supporter of me and Major League Gaming. I’m looking forward to yet another exciting season with Stride® Gum and I can’t wait to kick things off this weekend in Dallas.”

Each sponsored player will also be making appearances at the Stride® Gum booth at Pro Circuit Live Competitions throughout the 2011 Season. Be sure to stop by to get an autograph and meet your favorite players.

Look out for the Stride® Gum booth and sponsored players this weekend at MLG Dallas!


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