In one of the first matches of the day, Str8 Rippin took on Rainbow Riders in Losers Bracket Round 4. Str8 seemed to have regained their composure, and took the match 3 games to 1.

The first game took place on The Pit CTF. Both teams made multiple attempts at a capture before Legit pulled off two double kills and ran the flag back for the first capture. Not long after, T2 scored another flag. Time was the deciding factor in the game, and as it expired Str8 held the lead at 2-0 for the win.

Game 2 was a knock-down drag-out brawl on Narrows Team Slayer. Surprisingly, Rainbow Riders led for the majority of the game. Str8 then started their comeback, tying the game at 44 and then pulling ahead to win 50-47. Neighbor ended up with an impressive 20 kills.

The next game was Guardian Oddball, the only map Rainbow Riders managed to take from top ranked Str8 Rippin. Both teams ran a heated tug-of-war with the ball, but in the end Rainbow Riders pulled through and won the game 198-194.

The final game was Construct King. Str8 started off fairly strong, but RR were able to quickly respond in order to tie the game at 50. However, after the second hill change, things started to turn in Str8’s favor. Elamite played the objective well, giving his team a comfortable 60 second lead. Finishing in dramatic fashion, Str8 held onto their lead to win Construct Team King 250-226.