By Brandon Dey

The BIC® Flex4® FFA Championship, comprised of the five regular season FFA Champions, and three new entries from this event’s FFA competition, has just come to it's explosive conclusion! After an exhilarating FFA Championship match, Str8 Sick, a repeat FFA champion, has proven his FFA nous once again!

Str8 Sick narrowly clinched the title by winning a tiebreaker with second-placed Kampy based on their kill-death ratio. Tied at 53 kills-a-piece, Str8 Sick squeaked by with eight less deaths, posting a 53-41 ratio, compared to Kampy’s 53-49 ratio. For his consistency, Str8 Sick has earned himself a crispy $4,000 check and the prestigious title of 2011 BiC Flex4 FFA Champion! Congratulations to Str8 Sick for his victory, and to the seven other competitors as well for progressing to this stage of the competition!

Here are the full results (Kills/Assists/Deaths):

1. Str8 Sick – 53/22/41
2. Kampy – 53/22/49
3. TitoMatic – 49/19/46
4. Hoaxer – 49/14/47
5. Flamehead – 49/19/54
6. Dream Crusha – 47/14/44
7. T Morello – 45/19/51
8. Prototype – 37/34/50