(1) Str8 Rippin vs. (4) Instinct
Championship Match (continuation series)
Match Narr CTF Narr TS Pit KOTH Ons CTF   FINAL
(1) Str8 Rippin 2 50 212 5   6
(4) Instinct 3 36 183 4   3

Str8 Rippin entered the National Championship finals with a 3-2 advantage over Instinct, but the fourth-seeded underdogs erased that deficit in Game 1, Narrows Capture the Flag. Instinct played well from the opening spawn, taking a 2-0 lead before Str8 managed to tie the score. Insane back-and-forth action ensued, but when the game finally ended, it was Instinct who made a third capture. Snipedown was huge from Str8, going 30-17, but made several tactical mistakes with the flag that may have coasted Str8 the win. Soviet led Instinct with 27 kills to just 21 deaths. The final match was then tied 3-3.

Narrows Team Slayer was nowhere near as close. Str8 took control of the map and the weapons nearly from the start. Legit blazed the trail for Str8, going 19-11. The top seed won the game 50-36. King of the Hill on The Pit followed. The teams traded leads in a highly intriguing game, as the teams entered the final minute virtually deadlocked. Str8 controlled the greater part of the final hill and pushed to a 212-183 win. They took a 5-3 lead in the finals and needed just one more victory to take the national title.

Game 4 was a monumental game. The teams traded punch after punch during Onslaught Capture the Flag. Str8 had the early momentum, but strong team play from each member of Instinct leveled the match and even gave them a lead at 4-3. Both teams stymied flag runs inches from the scoring spot several times. In fact, Soviet single-handedly stopped runs on his own twice. With time running out, Str8 had to make a move. They managed to score, making it 4-4, but did not settle for overtime. Str8 pushed the flag immediately after their fourth capture. Instinct valiantly tried to stop the run, but were unable. Str8 erupted after their fifth capture, taking the game 5-4 and the series 6-3.

Str8 Rippin defeated all comers at the 2008 National Championships in taking the title.