In the very first round of the MLG San Diego Championship Bracket, fifth seeded Str8 Rippin took on twenty-eighth seeded Mind Over Matter. As expected, Str8 Rippin took the Pro Circuit newcomers to school in an impressive 3-0 showing.

In Game 1, which was The Pit CTF, ElamiteWarrior managed to score Str8’s first capture within 2 minutes of the match’s commencement. Elamite quickly followed up with another capture to make it 2-0 in Str8’s favor, and the final flag was scored by Legit. Neighbor aided in the debacle, as he walked away with 13 kills in a matter of mere minutes.

Game 2 on Narrows Team Slayer was once belonged to Tsquared and the guys from Str8 Rippin. T2 held the sniper rifle for over half of the match, racking up multiple kills and dying very seldom. Elamite helped his team out with by bagging a triple kill, followed by a multiple doubles. Str8 took Narrows CTF with a final score of 50-36.

For Game 3, The Pit King, Str8 looked as strong as they ever have on the gametype, which was also a strongpoint for the group at MLG Meadowlands. Str8 dominated the power weapons throughout the match’s duration due to the flawless coaching of xXx. Neighbor cleaned up kills with the sniper throughout the entire match, en route to a 250-49 victory over Mind Over Matter.

Congratulations to Str8 Rippin as they’re moving on to Winners Bracket Round 2, which will be shown on ESPN Saturday Night. Tune in!