In what was possibly the most anticipated match in Halo 3 history, Str8 Rippin overcame a two game deficit to knock Final Boss into the Losers Bracket. In the Winners Bracket Semi-Final match, Final Boss came out firing in Game 1, Narrows CTF. While they were undoubtedly out slayed by Str8, Final Boss managed to make the most of each and every kill they made, capturing two flags to Str8′s one.

The second game was an extremely close and contested battle. While the game started off slowly, each team was careful to keep their opponent from gaining too big of a lead. After five minutes of play, each team was only able to manage 13 kills. The slow and strategic game continued to be close throughout, as the lead for either team was never more than three kills. In the end, FB was able to set up a valiant charge and net themselves the victory, 50-47.

Down two games, Str8 Rippin now had their backs against the wall. With all of the momentum on FB’s side, as well as a two game advantage, it seemed likely that Str8 would be heading to the Losers Bracket. When the third game of the series began, Str8 seemed re-energized and pent on making this a series. After winning a tightly contested Game 3, Str8 continued to dominate in Game 4. Within the first minute of the Onslaught CTF match, Str8 Rippin cemented a 1-0 lead. This was eventually followed by four more flags, only interrupted by a quick spurt of resistance from Final Boss in which they capped a flag of their own.

Str8 Rippin celebrates their victory.

Heading into Game 5, the crowd seemed to sense that momentum had completely been taken away from Final Boss. Their confidence that had been attained after the firs two games was now absent. As the kills flew by in the fifth and deciding game of the series, Final Boss found themselves on the losing end for the third consecutive game in a row. Str8 Rippin had managed one of the better comebacks in recent history, completely turning around what had earlier seemed an easy sweep for Final Boss.

Str8 Rippin will now meet up with Instinct in the Winners Bracket Finals, a team that has yet to drop a game this tournament. Meanwhile, Final Boss falls to the Losers Bracket where they will do battle with Ambush for a guaranteed Top 4 finish. Classic will attempt to overpower Triggers Down in the other Losers Bracket Round 6 match up.