With the top seed at the first Halo 3 live Pro Circuit competition in two, Str8 Rippin are the favorites in the eyes of many fans. Part of being the favorite means dispatching low seeds in early rounds. Each underdog comes into a match with the top seed hoping to make a name for the team. So how would Str8 handle the pressure of the top spot?

The answer was quite well, as they sat down to face the 128th seed, TN Wreckin Crew. Str8 cruised to a solid 50-29 win on The Pit Team Slayer. Elamite paced his squad with an 18-6 performance. Game 2 was over in a flash, as Str8 amassed an early 135-34 lead and never looked back. Each player on Str8 went to the death screen fewer than 10 times. With the 2-0 series win, Str8 moved to Round 3.