During what proved to be a marathon gaming session against Breaking Point, Str8 Rippin walked away with 7 wins out of the 9 games they played. Winning most of the early objective games by flag captures rather than running out the game clock, Str8 demonstrated just how practiced they were. During one Narrows CTF game Str8 were constantly running their enemies’ flag, using the momentum of the first capture they avoided the stalemate commonly seen in the gametype. Later on Breaking Point squeaked away a victory on Narrows Team Slayer by a margin of less than five kills. Their second victory also came on Narrows, utilizing what they picked up from the first Narrows CTF game they managed to take the game with a score of 3 – 2. Between free play, their series with the Influence and their series with Breaking Point Str8 just concluded a six hour practice session. Look for them to come out with the same tenacity they displayed in MLG San Diego as they take on all challengers once the Orlando Championship Bracket gets underway Saturday.