Str8 Rippin and Triggers Down can now breathe sighs of relief after winning their respective Winners Bracket Round 3 series. The 1st and 2nd seeds both needed to be on the top of their game, as they saw firm challenges from their opponents. Str8 Rippin met up with Legendz on one side of the bracket, while Triggers Down was paired with Ambush on the other. Both matches went the full five games, giving fans all of the action they could handle.

In the end however, another major upset was avoided, as the top seeds were able to hold it together long enough to walk away with the win. In fact, this is the first tournament in Halo 3 history in which the Top 4 seeds have advanced to the Winners Bracket Semi-Finals.

In an absolutely dominant performance, Final Boss swept Classic three games to zero. Final Boss seems to have one thing on their mind: re-establishing themselves as the best in the league. With their newly acquired weapon, Neighbor, primed and ready for action, Final Boss put on a blitzkrieg assault, taking the game 3-0 in four minutes. The second game, Narrows TS, wasn’t much better for Classic, as they were defeated 50-29, this time in only five minutes. While other nearby series were still in their first game, Final Boss and Classic headed into what would prove to be the decisive game of the series. Although it wasn’t in the same fashion as the first two games, Final Boss did pull it off to put the cap on their convincing 3-0 victory.

The new-look Final Boss have not disappointed fans thus far.

On the Main Stage, Instinct swept Carbon in the ESPN Saturday Night featured match. You can find a recap of this match here.

The stage is set for tomorrow, as the Top 4 teams will do battle in the Winners Bracket. The day will kick off at 10 a.m. ET with Losers Bracket Round 3 action. At 12:30 p.m. ET, Winners Bracket play will resume with some highly anticipated match ups. On the top half of the bracket, first seeded Str8 Rippin will take on the fourth seed, Final Boss. This will mark the first time Neighbor will do battle with his former team. On the other half of the bracket, Walshy and the rest of Instinct will take on Orlando Champions Triggers Down. With Mackeo looking for retribution from his former squad, and the new Instinct looking to establish themselves as top contenders, this match is sure to be one of high energy and emotion.