Top-seeded Str8 Rippin encountered the 64th seed, Calm Mentality, in Round 3 of Halo 3′s Open Bracket at the Meadowlands, where they expected to cruise. The underdogs were much tougher to dispatch than many predicted, however.

Game 1, Team Slayer Narrows, was closer than expected, as Calm Mentality refused to go away, despite consistent leads from Str8. In the end, Legit’s 19-10 game helped Str8 pull away, winning 50-37. The action moved to King of the Hill on Construct, which turned out to be a defensive battle. Most matches on this game type hit the 250 score rather quickly, but both Str8 and Calm Mentality found logging hill time difficult. The lower-seeded squad kept the game close throughout, trailing by just 15 seconds going into the final minute of regulation. Elamite ended with 33 kills to just 20 deaths, allowing Str8 to control the map during the endgame. Despite not hitting 250, Str8 took the win at 208-164.

The 2-0 series win allowed Str8 to move on to Round 4.