Str8 Rippin sported their Astro Gaming Headsets with Str8 logos on each ear as they entered the Main Stage. Their task was to take down Materia in order to move into the Championship Bracket. Materia put up an intense fight, but Str8’s organization and shooting skill proved too much to handle, as Str8 went on to win the match 2-0.

Game 1 was Guardian Team Slayer. Both teams traded kills at the beginning of the match, and it was a trend that would continue as the match wore on. New coach xXx kept the team calm and collected while their opponents put up an unexpectedly tough fight. Neighbor proved to be a major asset, as he would end up with 18 kills by the game’s conclusion. After a nail-biting final minute of the game, Str8 systematically broke their opponents’ setup and won the game 50-47.

The Pit Team King was Game 2. Elamite and Neighbor were quick to play the objective, giving Sr8 an early lead. Str8 had strong platform setups, and they proved nearly impossible for Materia to break. Str8 also enjoyed complete domination of the power weapons. All of these factors led to Str8 taking the map by a whopping 238-95 margin. Str8 Rippin now move into the Championship Bracket where Halo 3’s first batch of pros will be born.