Who can stop Str8 Rippin at MLG San Diego? This team has still not dropped a single game throughout the entire tournament, and following yet another 3-0 victory—this time over Believe the Hype—Str8 has certainly earned their way into the Winners Bracket Finals, where they will face Instinct. This achievement is impressive enough on its own, but keep in mind that 9th ranked Believe the Hype is the very team that less than 24 hours ago severely upset Final Boss in a shocking 3-0 win.

Believe the Hype will now fall to the Losers Bracket where they will fight to continue their surprisingly strong showing at MLG San Diego. Meanwhile, look out for Str8 Rippin, who at this stage looks to be perhaps the strongest team in the tournament. Be sure to tune in to MLG Championship Sunday and watch the final rounds of the tournament unfold live! Check out the scores from the Str8 Rippin vs. Believe the Hype series below:

Game 1
CTF on The Pit
Str8 wins 3-0

Game 2
TS Guardian
Str8 Wins 50-44

Game 3
KOTH Construct
Str8 Wins 250-130