In Winners Bracket Round 2, Str8 took on Legendz in order to secure themselves a place in the next round. The match was well fought on both sides, but in the end, Str8 just plain got the best of Legendz. Here’s how it went down.

The match started off on The Pit CTF. After many failed attempts by both teams, Legit brought in Str8’s first capture. Legendz then responded with a capture of their own, bringing the score to 1-1. It was then Neighbor’s turn to get a capture, followed by a second capture from Legit. That brought us to 3-1 in favor of Str8. Shortly thereafter, Tsquared finished off yet another grab from Legit, which gave them the game 3-1.

The next game was Construct Team Slayer. Taking Str8 and the crowd surrounding the match by surprise, Legends jumped to a quick lead. As the match went on, Legendz continued to build upon their lead, eventually ending the match at 50-39 in their favor. The post-game carnage report showed every member of Str8 going negative except Legit.

Str8 responded in Game 3 on The Pit CTF. Once again showing off their impressive platform setup, Str8 put the hurt on Legendz from every angle of the map. At one point, Legit and Tsquared both had snipers while in both towers, as they overlooked the hill underneath the bridge. Elamite also came up huge, ending up with an impressive 18 assists by the game’s ending. Str8 went on to win The Pit Team King 250-82.

In what would be the final game of the match, Str8 put on one of the most impressive performances we’ve seen in Halo 3’s short time on the Pro Circuit. The game was Onslaught CTF, and it became obvious that this will be one of Str8’s strong points in the future. Here’s the kicker: Str8 defeated Legendz in 2 minutes 45 seconds. Yes, that’s right. A grand total of 5 captures in under 3 minutes. What more can we say?

Congratulations to Str8 Rippin as they move into the Winners Bracket Round 3.