In yet another dominating showcase of their overwhelming abilities, Str8 Rippin went to war with Inferno in the first match of the MLG Saturday Night broadcast from San Diego. Following their 3-0 victory, Str8 has still yet to drop a game in the tournament. For those who did not catch the match on the live broadcast, here’s a quick recap of what went down.

Str8 shakes hands with Inferno after sending them to the Losers Bracket

Game 1 – Narrows CTF

Legit came out of the gates with something to prove, as he is quickly becoming known for his objective playing abilities in addition to his slaying skills. He was able to put his team on the board with a quick capture, followed by another shortly thereafter. This put Str8 Rippin at a 2-0 advantage over Inferno. One again, with the help of Neighbor’s 17 kill tally, Legit grabbed the third flag and brought it back for the 3-0 win on Narrows CTF.

Game 2 – Guardian Team Slayer

This time around, it was Inferno who came out swinging, as they racked up a quick 13-6 lead over Str8 Rippin. The trend continued for a large portion of the match, until Str8 were finally able to turn the tide in their favor. They brought the game back to 34-31 in their favor, and continued to add onto the leader until they eventually ended the match 50-38. From the point they took the lead, they out-slayed Inferno by a margin of 16 to 7 kills.

Game 3 – The Pit Team King

After allowing Str8 to sit in the hill for the first 30 seconds of the match, Inferno finally stopped their opponents and began to rack up some objective time of their own. Neighbor was most definitely the biggest asset of Str8’s arsenal in the map, as he pulled off no-scopes, multi-kill’s, and even a Killing Frenzy on his way to a 31 kill +17 ratio. Elamite was also a large part of the map, as he was able to gain 124 seconds in the hill on his way to a 250-131 win.

Str8 will now head into Winners Bracket Round 3, where they’ll take on Triggers Down.