In what could be described as a twist of fate by some, the top seeded Str8 Rippin and Instinct were pitted against one another on MLG Championship Sunday for their Winners Bracket Finals match. In the weeks leading up to MLG Toronto, very few people could have predicted this match would happen. The main reasoning behind this was due to the fact that the majority of MLG enthusiasts assumed Triggers Down would make light work of the Mackeo and Victory X-less Instinct, placing them into the Winners Bracket Finals with either Str8 Rippin or Final Boss.

The winner of the match would earn the right to move into the MLG Toronto Finals, meanwhile the loser would be forced to take on the winner of Classic vs. Final Boss in the Losers Bracket Finals. However, despite a valiant effort by Instinct, the combination of Str8 Rippin’s coordinated objective play and overwhelmingly efficient slaying abilities proved to be all too much for Instinct to handle. After Instinct took Game 1, Str8 Rippin went on to take three consecutive maps, giving them a 3-1 win over their opponents. Instinct is now headed into the Losers Bracket Finals to meet up with the winner of Final Boss vs. Classic.

Game Stats:

Onslaught CTF:
4-2 Instinct

Construct TS:
50-37 Str8 Rippin

The Pit King:
216-160 Str8 Rippin

The Pit CTF:
3-2 Str8 Rippin